DID  GOD  LIE ?????

In Genesis 1 the Bible says ‘So the evening and the morning were the first day’.  

This same phrase is written after the descriptions of creation for each of 6 days.  


This is quite clear on physical earth to be speaking of a 24 hour time period
described as ‘the evening’ and ‘the morning’.  Although the wording is simple
enough, this is very controversial in Biblical  studies and among theological
professors, teachers and pastors.  Thus it is also confusing to many Christian
believers.  Some pastors and teachers seem to avoid the subject because of
the controversial and unclear teaching that exists.  

Many science professors, teachers and science students adhere to common
teachings and beliefs in evolution theories, the big bang theory, etc.  They spend
much time and effort trying to discredit, ridicule and refute the Biblical  teaching
about creation as described in Genesis 1.  They find a willing audience for their
teaching in schools, universities and through TV debates.  Even many Christians
and church leaders attempt to find compromise somewhere between 6 days and
the many millions of years as often taught in science.   

The question is: Does the statements ‘the evening and the morning’ mean ‘1’ day??    

In II Peter 3: 8 the Bible states, ‘with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a
thousand years as one day’.  

Thus we know that time with God is not counted as we who are physical count time.  
Yet – there is a great difference between an ‘evening’ and a ‘morning’ and a
thousand years.  Also – a thousand year ‘day’ certainly does little to bridge the gap
between God’s creation explanation and the hundreds of millions of years taught by
science as seen today.  

‘Origin of the Bible’ at www.spmint,com

In Genesis 33: 7 - 11 is a short explanation of how within a few months of the beginning
of the Israelites 40 years in the desert, Moses is meeting daily with God.  After
Moses is instructed to write in the book, God meets him daily and speaks to Moses
‘face to face as a man speaks to his friend’.   

Please notice the context of these events – as God has miraculously prepared the
Israelites to begin to receive His Word – the Bible.

**400 years in Egypt has raised a sizable nation / people, who as slaves have various
skills / trades learned in the most developed of nations.  

**Moses, by miracle of God, raised in Pharaoh’s house learned from the perspective
of the rulers, but most important learned to read and write.  Then Moses being driven
out of Egypt, learned of God and returned to have audience with people with whom he
had grown up.  Moses learned as he experienced the plagues of Egypt and the power of God
which sustained him through the trails to come for 40 years in the desert.

**Immediately following the exodus from Egypt, Moses is instructed by God to ‘write
it in the book’.  He later receives the ‘10 commandments’ and soon after is instructed
to take his tent outside the camp where God meets him and speaks to him ‘face to face’.
It is not explained how long they met nor what their conversations were about.  But it is
obvious that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible as we know it.  

**It is also obvious that Moses wrote in Genesis information that he had absolutely no
ability nor resource or record to know the things he wrote.  During the creation explained
in Genesis 1 – there was no human being present nor no one even existed.  But, creation
is explained in a completely sensible, common sense manner that will work mechanically.  
In Genesis is described / quoted conversations between God and people and people to
people.  These conversations / inter-actions demonstrate development both spiritually
and physically that we 21st century people can both understand and relate to.  


That God is the author of Genesis –

That God dictated to Moses - Genesis –  

That God said, ‘So the evening and the morning were the (1 – 6th) day.’

I may say that a day can be a 1,000 years – I may, but that’s not what God said.  

I can reason with fossil records, carbon dating, etc., but God said ----.  

God created heaven, earth, sun, moon and stars so that a person can measure the
distance and angles and find a specific spot on earth and determine the day of the year
and the time weather day or night.  The north star is always direct north and is closer
than a compass.  The earth was created first, as God said, because the sun and stars are
in measurable relationship to earth.  Also, physical creation must be a unit created within
God’s spiritual heaven.  Because, regardless of the many millions of miles and the obvious
movement of the planets, they are always in the same place.  So – as physical creation
moves it remains the same, thus it must be a contained unit created and maintained by God.  

I am sure there are many things that I do not understand, some far too
great for my mind to conceive, but

God knew what He what He was doing when He said ‘the evening and the morning’
and He knew the controversy it would cause.

God did not lie nor deceive when He dictated Genesis to Moses.

God placed the north star exact north and thousands of recorded years later it
is still in the same exact place --- He can do it in one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!      

God said that He created creation in 6 days ---  

Even though that is amazingly fantastic --

I will not say or suggest that God lied ---

He said it -- I believe it until He tells me different !!!