GOD THE CREATOR

I want to share with you today from the Bible, a teaching, which I believe very much God has given us in His word. The Bible
gives to us words of instruction and words of understanding.  We as human kind have the ability to relate to God, our creator,
in a very unique and special way. God did not create us and leave us without information, but He has given us
understanding through His word, the Bible.

In the Book Genesis Chapter I, it says, “God created the heavens and the earth”.  This is the first   day of creation.  On the
first day, God created the heavens and the earth. On the fourth day         (Gen. 1:14 -19), He created the sun, moon and the
stars. All those heavenly bodies that we see in the sky at night God created on the fourth day.

So on the first day God created the heavens and the earth. How can we understand that?  To understand that, we can realize
that as God created the heavens He created that which we see in the sky, that is, all the materials. I might say raw materials
that are in the heavens. The rocks, dust and all the things we can see from the telescopes of NASA.  We can see those raw
materials, a space full of raw materials that God created on the first day, and then He created the earth also on the first day.   
As He created the earth He made that place where He was going to create the plants, all the animals, mankind and all that
we see as living things on earth.
God created the rest of creation in relation to the earth.  I say that because as we look in the sky at night, we see the big
dipper, little dipper, the North Star and constellations.  All those stars being many millions or even billions of miles from
earth have been there in space in the same place throughout history, from the beginning of mankind.  They have always
been in the same place.  That makes me to understand that God created the stars in the sky and the constellations in
relationship to earth. Why? -- Because; they are always in the same place in relationship to the earth.  The North Star is and
has always been true North (more exact than any compass) from any place in the northern hemisphere.   The Bible says
they mark the seasons. They also make it so that that those who navigate the seas can measure the stars and pinpoint the
place on earth where they are.  So to me, this is evidence that God created the heavens and the earth on the first day, and
then later, on the fourth day He created the sun, moon and stars in the heavens.  This is just as the Bible says and I believe
this to be so.
So -- God is the creator, the almighty, a creator of great intelligence and great engineering ability.   God created the heavens
and the earth, so that the stars, sun, planets and the universe function as units held together by God.  God also created all
living things on earth, the plants, the trees, the grass, flowers and last of all He created mankind.  Mankind is His highest
form of creation.
We are the highest form of creation because God placed in us as human beings a living spirit.  This is what makes us
different from the animals.  As human beings, we have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, and two lungs just as the
animals do. All the organs that animals have, we as human beings have the same.  But we are different; we are humans,
not animals.  We are given different mental abilities than animals and yet we are much the same. We, as human kind,
reproduce just as the animals do.  A male and a female come together, produce a sperm and an egg and from that embryo
young are formed.  In that process we have a unique opportunity in our relationship with God.

My wife and I have four children.  We, as man and wife came together through acts of love, and the egg and the sperm
produced an embryo.  But I did not create a spirit, nor did my wife and I together create a spirit. Only God can create a spirit.
The spirit that is in us and in our children makes us to be human beings, which are different from the animals.  We came
together, the egg and the sperm came together and God placed a spirit into that physical union.
In the book of Zechariah, in Chapter 12:1 the Bible says “Thus saith the Lord,
Who stretches out the heavens, Who lays the foundation for the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him”.

That says in a nutshell that which I’m trying to explain, that God created the heavens and all that is in them.  God created the
earth and every living thing that is on it, and God created the spirit that is in each and every human being, so - God is our
Heavenly Father. He is our spiritual Father. He is our creator.
That spirit which is my life began in the womb of my mother.  I had a beginning somewhere about February of 1940 and after
that my spirit will live forever.  This body will grow old as it has already. It will die and the spirit will leave this body and it will
enter into the spiritual realm.  In that spiritual realm my spirit will live forever.  This makes us different from the animals.
That difference, God gives to us as human beings.  Also He gives to us a right of choice.  I have as a human being the right
to believe in God or not to believe in God.  That is, a complete freedom of choice which God has given us which makes us
different from the animals.  The animals have no understanding of choice or freedom to choose to believe in God or not. But
each of us as human beings has not only the freedom and the right to choose to believe in God, but also the responsibility
of our choice.  I must bare a responsibility for the choice that I make.  As a human being I have the ability to make that
freedom of choice and must bear the responsibility myself, as does each human being. It would be easier if God had not
given me a choice, because I have made many mistakes, but God has chosen to give me a choice. I accept that
responsibility gladly, because I would rather be a man than an animal.

I accept the fact that God gave me freedom of choice.  He gave me understanding as a human being, He put a spiritual
breath of life in me and I accept that and the responsibility that goes along with it. He created me as a human being and He
gave me the right to believe in Him, understand Him and to communicate with Him.

God, since He was able to create all those things in the sky, which I absolutely believe, then He is able to create me.  There
is no other explanation except that a God and creator of great intelligence and ability created the stars, sun, the moon and
the earth and all that is on it. I believe He is the God who created me and gave me life and I accept the responsibility for my
I thank God because He gave me freedom of choice. I can communicate with Him who has such great intelligence and He
has the ability to understand me. He understands all languages.  He understands anyone who reaches out to Him. He gave
me freedom of choice, this   means that He does not take away my choice nor allow anyone to manipulate my choice.
I must choose to communicate with him. If I choose to reject Him and not believe in God, He leaves me there, where I am.  If
I choose to believe in Him and I speak to Him, He hears.  I may speak to God by saying “Dear Heavenly Father” or “Dear
God”; however I choose to speak to Him. I have the ability to speak and when I speak to my Heavenly Father, He knows I’m
speaking to Him, because He knows me. He placed my spirit in the womb of my mother when I was conceived.

As we continue this study, having begun with “God the Creator” and the fact that we as human beings, have the right to
believe in God or not.  Let me continue with that thought of belief for we must if we believe in God, believe that God created
and that He had a plan for His creation.  From the very beginning God not only created mankind, but he had a plan for the
expanse of history and even for the end of mankind and for the end of His creation.  In that plan, God determined that He,
Himself, would come into this world, would teach us and guide us to Himself.  We, as humankind, are physical with a
spiritual life, but we cannot easily understand spiritual things.  We live in a physical world that is affected by the spiritual
realm.  There is a spirit living within us, that I spoke
about earlier, that God placed in us that makes us different from the animals.  He created us spiritual beings and to that
spirit which is in us, which is our life, God desires to communicate. Through and out of that desire, God sent Jesus Christ.  
He prophesied through the prophets of the Old Testament that He, God, would send a Messiah, a teacher, one who would
show us the way, - a way of understanding Him -- a teacher who understood spiritual things.  In this we understand and
believe that God, Himself, came into the physical world in a physical body – Jesus Christ.

In Isaiah, Chapter 7:14, the Bible says, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign behold a virgin shall conceive and
bear a Son and shall call His name Emanuel.”

God’s plans, though many, varied and extensive, was that through Jesus Christ, whom He calls ‘Emanuel’, God would
come into this world to teach us, to show us, to help us as human beings to understand Him.  Emanuel means ‘God with
us’. How can we understand that?  Emanuel, ‘God with us’, God in the flesh, how can we as human beings understand.  
Only with much difficulty, can we understand.

In the book of first Corinthians, chapter 15, the Word of God says, “And so it is written the first Adam became a human being
and the last Adam a life giving spirit, however, the spiritual was not first but the natural and afterward the spiritual.  The first
man was of the earth made of the dust.  The second man was the Lord from heaven.”
There He says in just a few words the concept that I am trying to explain that Jesus Christ was God, God in the flesh,
Emanuel, God with us, God came down.  To understand that we must realize that with the power and the awesomeness of
– who God is, only God could do such a thing. God is in His spiritual realm in heaven and God came down to earth, placed
His own spirit within the womb of Mary. Mary did not have a son as you and I have a son. Jesus Christ was in the beginning
the Word of God.  As it says in John 1: 1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was

So, as God through the Holy Spirit came to Mary, He places His own Spirit in an embryo in Mary.  How can we understand
that?, -- because the scripture says that the first man Adam, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, was made from the dust,
made by God.  He had no father or mother but God created him, made him of the dust and He breathed into him the breath
of life, the spirit that was the man, Adam.

Then it said that the second man Adam was, in verse 45, ‘a life giving spirit’. In other words that says that Jesus was the last
Adam and that Jesus was a ‘life giving spirit’. Only God gives life, so, -- He (Jesus) must be God as God would be the only
one who could have given life – the creator.
In verse 47, he says “The first man was of the earth made from the dust, the second man is the Lord from heaven.”

In other words the scripture says clearly that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, not some strange thing but God placing His
own spirit in the embryo in the womb of Mary and God came into this world. He came to teach us, to guide us, to direct us
and to show us God our Father and Creator.
We can further understand that in the Book of Hebrews. Chapter 7 is speaking about Jesus Christ, although this scripture is
difficult to understand because of a reference to Melchizedek, King of Salem.

In the time of the Old Testament when Abraham had defeated the five Kings, he returned bringing with him the spoils of war,
the families and the goods of the peoples who were defeated. Melchizedek recognized the great miracle which God had
performed through Abraham and his men and Melchizedek blesses Abraham. Then also Abraham gives to Melchizedek a
tithe. We are often confused by who is the subject.  Who is it speaking about here? -- Hebrews is speaking about Jesus
Christ. The subject is Jesus Christ. The author gives a short illustration about a man, a King named Melchizedek, and this
Melchizedek brings us confusion in understanding. But as he concludes the matter here about Melchizedek, He says in
Hebrews Chapter 3: 7, “Without father, without mother, without genealogy having neither beginning of days nor end of life,
but made like the Son of God, He remains a priest continually.
We could easily suppose that Melchizedec could be a topology of Jesus which was similar to Jesus Christ as a high priest,
not of the Levitical lineage, but a high priest called by God and this is the illustration that is given to us.  But here if we take
Melchizedec as the subject, then Melchizedec was without father, without mother and without genealogy. Who can that be, --
not a man, -- a human being as we know a human being. But if we understand and interpret it correctly, I believe that, the
subject is Jesus Christ and the illustration of Melchizedec is that Melchizedec was a priest of the most high God, yet not of
the Levitical order.
Jesus became our high priest, but not of the Levitical order and that is the only illustration given here in Hebrews -- it is
speaking of Jesus Christ. The subject is Jesus Christ and it says that Jesus Christ is, “without father, without mother,
without genealogy, without beginning of days, nor end of life, but made like a Son of God, a high priest forever.”

I would say then that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but not a son as you and I have a son. I have a son. He was born to my
wife and I.  We came together, the egg and the sperm, and God placed in that union a spirit and our son was born into this
world.  He had a beginning in 1983. He came into this world.  His spirit began as God created a new spirit and from that
point forward he was our son and he lives -- a living human being.

Jesus did not begin in the womb of Mary.  Jesus was in the beginning, as in John Chapter 1.  “In the beginning was the
Word and --- the Word was God”.  The Bible says that, -- teaches that, Jesus Christ did not begin in the womb of Mary but,
Jesus Christ was God, even before the beginning. Jesus Christ was the Spirit of God and God placed His Own Spirit, as
only God can do, in the womb of Mary in an embryo which was Jesus Christ, born in the flesh, come into this world.  
He makes that clear when he calls Jesus Christ the second Adam. He said the first Adam was a man of the dust and the
second Adam was the Lord from heaven. In other words, God created a man, Adam, placed a spirit of breath in him, -- God
created an embryo and placed His own spirit in that embryo in the womb of Mary and God came into this world, -- Jesus
Christ – Emanuel -- God with us.
It is necessary then, hearing who Jesus Christ is, that we should know and understand that, we must believe who Jesus
Christ is.  It is something that is of a necessity.  If I believe in God then I must believe that Jesus Christ was sent by God as
God in the flesh, who came to earth.

For what reason?  He came to teach us, to give us understanding, to show us the way to God, our Creator. Jesus came, He
lived and taught us, He was crucified, put in the tomb and then He was resurrected. The final and ultimate belief is that
Jesus Christ came in the flesh, died, and was resurrected on the third day.  If I believe that, then I understand who Jesus
Christ was. I believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.  The evidence says that He had on other father.  Then certainly
He was the Son of God, because no one else has been born into this world as Jesus came into this world. He lived, died
and was resurrected.  

I understand that no man can do that. Only God can do that.  Only God can perform such great and mighty miracles. Only
God can return life to a dead body. Jesus Christ was resurrected, not a physical body as we have, but He was resurrected
as a spiritual body and that spiritual body returned to heaven to be with God in the spiritual realm.

So it is necessary for us who are human beings to make a decision.  Do I believe in God? - Myself, yes I believe in God, the
Creator of the heavens and the earth.  Do I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came in the flesh? - Yes I do.  I
believe that Jesus came as a miracle of God into this world.  He lived, He died, and He was resurrected and has returned to
the spiritual realm and that I, also, having believed and called upon His name, may be born again and enter into the
kingdom of heaven.  
In the book of John, he gives us very clear instructions. God gave us His Word as written by the apostle John, “In the
beginning was the Word, and the Word was with
God and the Word was God”.

The meaning of “Word” is, -- Jesus Christ. That “Word” of God coming from spiritual realm into physical world to tell us, to
speak to us the “Word” of God.  That is literally what it means.  Jesus Christ became the Word of God to speak to us
John 1: 4-9 continues and speaks about the “light” coming into the world. Then in Chapter 1: 12 - l3 the book of John says
that those who,” received Him”, -- those who understand that Light, which is Jesus Christ, the Word of God Who has come
into the world -- “ to them that believe on His name”, that is Jesus Christ, “To them He gave the right to become the children
of God, who were born not of blood, nor the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

So, what he is saying here is that those who believe, first point, -- believe -- in God that He is the creator, believe that Jesus
Christ is who He says He is -- Jesus Christ, who came into this world as the Word of God – the Light -- to teach us and to
those who believe He gives the right to become children of God; not born of the flesh, but of the Spirit.  We were born
physically to mom and dad and a spirit was placed in us from God. He is not talking about that physical birth he is talking
about being born of God.  So, there are two births, all mankind are born physically and then, there are those who are born
spiritually.  He is saying that if we believe in His name (Jesus Christ) and we come to Jesus (the Light) in a true spiritual
relationship through Jesus Christ, we become the children of God.

So, he gave that as a kind of introduction and then as good literary writing would be, he continues on and he tells about John
the Baptist and then Jesus Christ.  Then when we come to Chapter 3, He gives us an illustration of a Pharisee coming to
Jesus. It’s a true story that happened as an explanation to us.

John 3:1, “There was a man of the Pharisee named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.”
First of all a Pharisee was a religious man.  He was well educated in the Holy Scriptures.  He was also a ruler of the Jews,
which means he would have been a mature man and a man of education and a man of statue or position in his society.  
This man came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabi we know that you are a teacher, come from God, for no one could
do these things that you do -- unless God is with you”.

So, the man came to Jesus at night as he did not want to show himself in public coming to Jesus, because he was an
important person. He came to Jesus at night and simply says to Him, “We know you have come from God or else you could
not do these miracles,” that we have seen performed.  

Nicodemus simply makes that statement, but Jesus knew the question in his heart. The statement from his mouth was --
we know you come from God or you could not do this, but Jesus answers the question that was in his heart.  In Verse 3,
“Jesus answered and said to him, most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the Kingdom God”.  
Nicodemus said to him, “How can any man be born when he is old, can he enter a second time to his mother’s womb and
be born”, Jesus answered Nicademus, most assuredly , (absolutely), I say to you, unless one is born of water and the spirit,
he cannot see the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit”.

So Jesus gives him this explanation, you must be born again and he explains it as being born once physically and then
again spiritually.  He refers to the physical birth as being of water. Certainly we know that, those of us who have had children
that a little baby comes from a sack of water. It is probably much more than that, but it is simply saying that, referring to the
physical birth into this world. All mankind are physically born into this world, but not all are born spiritually while in this world.

So, -- Jesus is saying to Nicodemus, “You must be born again”, second birth, born again spiritually or, -- you will not see the
Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, according to God’s plan the way to God is through Jesus Christ and that you must be
born again -- spiritually.
Then Jesus continues speaking, He says, “Do not marvel that I said to you that you must be born again, the wind blows
where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes. So is everyone who is
born of the spirit”.

So Jesus continues His explanation by saying the spirit is like the wind. You do not see the wind blowing, but you see the
leaves of the tree being blown. You see the effects of the wind, but you cannot see the wind itself. He says the spirit moves
this way.  The spirit is invisible, you cannot see it, but you can see the effect.  You cannot see the Spirit enter the heart of a
person, an individual, but when you observe that persons life you see that there was a change that happened when the
Spirit of God came into the heart.  He changes the heart from inside out, so -- as He says “born again” He is saying born
Then Nicodemus, being an educated man, a ruler of the Jews said to Him in Verse 9, “How can these things be”?  
Nicodemus at that point, having heard the explanation from Jesus, still did not understand.  That should make us as human
beings realize it’s not a simple matter to understand.  It is not easy to understand spiritual things. He, being educated, being
a ruler of the Jews, being a person that should have understood, yet he did not.  That gives us comfort in realizing that it is
hard for us to understand what this really means, -- to be born again.  How do you do that, what happens to us?
Jesus answers and says to him “Are you a master of Israel and do not know these things”?  He kind of accuses him a bit. I
can say to myself that there are things I should know, but I don’t, so -- certainly the Lord would say the same thing to me.

In Verse 11 He says “Most assuredly, I say to you, we speak of what we know and testify to what we have seen, and you do
not receive Our witness.  If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you of heavenly
So Jesus reprimands him a little, but at the same time He says to him, I explained to you earthly things and that is hard to
understand, so how can I explain spiritual things. He is comparing physical things with spiritual things. We are physical
beings and it is difficult for us to understand spiritual things.  
This was in fact the necessity that Jesus would come to earth, God in the flesh bringing us God’s Word that He might
explain to us the way to the Father. This is in a nut shell what Jesus came to do.  He came to teach us.

He continues there in Verse 14, He says “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so the Son of Man
must be lifted up”.

Son of man is referring to Jesus, -- Jesus Christ, Son of Man, -- meaning a spiritual being, the Spirit of God in the body of a
man”.  He refers to Himself as the Son of Man from the view point of a spiritual being in the body of a man.

Then He says in Verse 15, “Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  For God so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

In other words in the beginning God created mankind and God loves mankind, His creation. God wants mankind to be
restored to Him, or brought back to Him after that we have sinned and have fallen away from Him. God loved us and He sent
Jesus Christ, not to condemn us, not to destroy us, but that we might be saved.  He sent Jesus as a way of salvation, a way
for the lost to be restored to God.  Jesus Christ came for that purpose, not to condemn me, but that I might be saved.  
“God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.  He who
believes in Him is not condemned but he who does not believe in Him is condemned already because he has not believed
in the only begotten Son of God.” v 17&18.
Now here is the key, beginning with Verse 19, “And this is the condemnation that light has come into the world and men
loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil”.

We as human beings have all – sinned -- done things of which we are ashamed.  We have all done things as though it were
in the dark, that we do not want anyone else to see. He is telling us that those sins, that were done in the dark, are that
which separates us from God. Our sins done in the darkness, done secretly, those things which we are ashamed of,
separates us from God.  That is the condemnation that is borne by every human being.

I was condemned, because of the sin in my life.  I was condemned and yet Jesus came to save me from that
condemnation.  For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed.
When we are living in sin we do not want to come face to face with Jesus Christ.  When we are living in sin, it is difficult to
pray. When we are living in sin and we are not willing to give up our sin, we don’t want to hear about God.  When we are
living in sin we will not pick up the Bible and read it.  When we are living in sin we are separated from God.  Jesus Christ
came that we might be restored to Him.  When we are practicing evil we hate the light and we do not come to the light lest
our deeds be exposed. “But he, who does the truth, comes to the light that his deeds may be clearly seen that they have
done them in God.”

What is He explaining here? Jesus very clearly and very briefly is explaining to us that in our sinful state we do not want to
see God. In our sinful state we are ashamed and we are living in darkness.  If we determine to come to truth, that is, come to
the “light”, openly and transparently and we seek salvation through Jesus Christ we will be “born again”.  If we will come to
the light, to Jesus Christ, we will be saved.  If we come to the light He will restore our relationship to God our Creator.

That is Jesus’ explanation that you must be “born again”. We must come to Him, -- come to the light -- and confess our sins
before him.  

Jesus instructed us that we must be born again and He taught many other things given to us in Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John.  Afterward, He was crucified, resurrected and returned to Heaven. He instructed His disciples to go and teach to all
mankind these things which He has taught them.

On the day of Pentecost, Peter and the other disciples went to the Temple to pray and the Holy Sprit came upon them. Then,
Peter stood among the people in the Temple and began to speak.   Peter explained to them that Jesus Christ, whom they
knew, whom they had seen, whom they had crucified was resurrected and that He had returned to life and gone to Heaven.
The people knew that these things were true, because it was only a few weeks after the crucifixion when these things had
happened. The people who were there at the Temple knew very well what he was talking about.  They, having heard the
explanation that Peter gave of the life and the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, were cut in the heart.  This means
they felt guilt because of the fact that they had participated in the death of Jesus Christ.  Because of this guilt, they ask Peter
and the others, what can we do?

Peter replies in Acts 2: 37, “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus whom you
crucified both Lord and Christ.  When they heard this, they were cut in the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the
disciples, “men and brethren, what shall we do?  Peter said to them “repent and let everyone of you be baptized in the name
of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit “.

This is very specific instructions.  The people heard the accusations that were put before them by Peter, that they had killed
Jesus Christ. They had condemned Him, He was crucified, He came back to life, was resurrected and they new these
things to be true.  Because they knew it and because they were guilty of this it says -- they were cut in the heart. In other
words their guilt slew them. They were cut in the heart because of their guilt.  The people said to Peter, we are guilty, what
can we do?  
All mankind is in this same place, I am guilty, I have sinned, I have broken the laws of God and I have broken the spirit of the
law which God gave us. I have sinned and I am condemned, because of my sins, I am guilty -- what do I do.
In that state of guilt Peter says to them, “repent and be baptized, every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is our
instructions to all mankind who realizes the sins of this flesh, -- the sin in our live.
We must repent of our sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and then He says that you will receive the Holy
This bares a necessity of sincerity, the necessity of knowing -- yes I have sinned and I have done those things that were
wrong. I am separated from God because of my sin. I am guilty and there is nothing I can do to change that fact.  I can not
change what I did.  There is nothing I can do to repay my sin; there is nothing I can do to take away the guilt of my sin. I am
I must come to Jesus Christ and say to Him, Lord, forgive me, for I am a sinner. Please come into my heart and save me.  
Jesus came that we may be saved. He came and He died on the cross to take away our sins. He paid the penalty for our
sins, so -- when we come to Him in confession, repenting of our sins, He takes away our sins.

The scripture says very clearly that He will give the Holy Spirit to those who repent and are baptized. It’s not a maybe so, or if
you do everything just right. If you repent out of sincerity and are baptized in obedience, He will give you the Holy Spirit.
There is a process -- a process of understanding guilt, then, the next step is repenting of my sins.
Lord Jesus I am sorry.  I have sinned, I have failed, then, -- He does the rest.  He comes into my heart, takes away my sins,
takes away my guilt and gives me life eternal -- then I am instructed to be baptized.

Being baptized means to be obedient, -- do that which He told us to do.  Water does not wash away sin, water does not
make me clean.  Baptism is a physical symbol that illustrates that my sins were washed away through repentance to Jesus,
Who died to pay for my sins. We are instructed to do it that way, to repent, be baptized and you will receive the Holy Spirit.

The Word of God also gives explanations for salvation in the Book of Romans. Romans begins by explaining to us that all
mankind sins, and because of their sins they are separated from God. There are illustrations of that in Romans 3:10. Here it
refers to the explanation from the Book of Psalms given by the writer that says, “As it is written, there is none righteous, no
not one.  There is none who understand.  There is none who seeks after God, they have all turned aside. They have
altogether become unprofitable”.  There is none who does good, no not one.”  
As we live in this world, meet people and relate to people, we can understand that this is the truth.  It has always been, that
we as mankind, although being created in the image of God, with a spirit within us giving to us spiritual freedom of choice,
that through our freedom of choice we made wrong choices.  We became sinners separated from God because of our sin.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were given only one command. They were instructed -- not to eat from that one tree. Of
all the other trees, they could eat. They disobeyed and became sinners just from eating from that one tree, breaking God’s
law -- Gods’ instructions to them.
We also are sinners separated from God because of our sin. It has always been so since the beginning and it will be until
the end.  We are sinners and we are separated from God, because of our sins.     
Because of the guilt of our personal sins, we must choose. We must choose to believe -- we must believe and confess or
else we have no salvation.  God made it that way so that we as human beings might realize, understand and come to Him
for salvation. God’s plan for the salvation of mankind was in such a manner by which, He would choose those who choose
to be with Him.
In my understanding I believe God has made such a plan -- so that -- in the final analysis, those who believe are part of the
family of God. Those, who believe understand their sin and confess their sin and come through Christ unto the Lord -- will
be saved.  And thus, God’s family is those who have chosen Him, those who want to be with Him.

Those who do not believe, who do not repent, reject God’s plan of salvation are separated from God, thus --- they receive
their choice.  They chose not to believe, they chose not to come to Christ for forgiveness of sin, thus --- they are separated
from God.
In this plan, as I see it, God, -- by making His creation so that we are all sinners caused us to face the necessity of choosing
Him.  Those who choose Him and repent to Him are saved.  
We are all sinners.  In Chapter 6 it says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God it is eternal life through our Christ
Jesus our Lord”.

Certainly I have sinned. Certainly I rejected God’s way and choose my way.  I was a sinner from a child.  I have knowingly
and purposely chosen wrong rather than right.  
Every human being, who is honest with themselves agree -- I did what was wrong even when I knew it was wrong.  We are
all sinners before God.  This is just a simple fact of life.  The Book of Romans tells us so.

Then in Chapter 10: 9, he begins to explain to us how we come to God through Jesus Christ, and overcome that sin which is
dominant or prevalent in our life.
It says in Verse 8, “But what does it say, the word is near you, in your mouth, and in your heart that is the word of faith which
we preach. That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the
dead, you will be saved”.

What does this say?  It says that the word of faith is near us, near to each one of us and that if I believing in God, confess
with my mouth, that Jesus Christ is Lord, -- I will be saved.
We, then, have the necessity to believe.  First I must believe that God exists, He is the Creator.  Second, I must believe that
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God in the flesh, Emanuel, God with us who came to earth to give us the Word of God and to
provide for us salvation. Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.  
This is the instructions from the Bible.  

Then the scripture continues that if we confess with our mouth, Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised
Him from the dead -- we will be saved.  So the necessity is, both to believe in God and to believe what God has done
through His plan. It was Gods’ plan from the beginning that Jesus would come, that He would be crucified , condemned to
death and hanged upon the cross and die, be buried and be resurrected.  This was Gods’ plan from the beginning.  It is
necessary for us to believe that this is true, and that this is the plan of God for the salvation (redemption) of His creation.

It continues, “For with the heart one believes into righteousness and with the mouth confession is made into salvation”.  In
this verse “heart” is speaking about the spirit that is within us, that God placed in us in the womb of our mother. If we believe
in our spirit that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we confess with our mouth, we will be saved.  In other words, the way of salvation
is, believing and confessing, thus -- coming to Him for salvation.

In Verse 10, he says “For with the heart, one believes into righteousness”.  That means that I, in my heart, in that spirit that
God placed in me, I believe unto righteousness.  Only believing is not the end of it, that’s only the first step.

The scripture also says that the devil believes also, and trembles, yet the devil is disobedient to God. So, it is -- not only
belief in God but, we believe in our heart, in our spirit, unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto
salvation.  There is a necessity for each of us to recognize our sin, believing in our heart and – knowingly -- we confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord. That is the plan of God.  

It is necessary not only to believe, but to confess, to speak publicly, to the Lord, -- I am a sinner   Please come into my heart
and take away my sins. There is the necessity of confessing belief, confessing sin and asking salvation through Jesus

For with the heart, one believes unto righteousness, with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.  For the scripture
says “Whosoever believes on Him will not be put to shame, “--- “For, whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be

In a nutshell, Romans says to us that we must believe in our hearts, knowing and understanding that God exists, but we
must also confess with our mouth.  Speaking the fact of my belief, speaking the fact of my sin and speaking the fact that I
ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and then -- as he says in the Book of Acts, you will receive the Holy Spirit.  In other
words, when I     
believe and confess, the Holy Spirit comes into my heart and He takes away my sin, -- He gives me salvation and He writes
my name in the Book of Life in Heaven.

The Word of God tells us many things about God.  How He created, how He made a plan for His creation and how He
worked out that plan down through history.  It instructs us in how we have separated ourselves from God through the life
which we have lived and how we can come back to Him, -- in which we must be born again.

Jesus tells us in the Book of John, you must be born again, or you will never see the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is necessary not
only that we are born of this body physically, but we must be born spiritually, born of God and that through Jesus Christ.  
In the book of Acts He tells us the necessity that we, having sinned and having been convicted of our sins, must repent of
our sins.  Repent, -- saying to God, I am sorry I have broken your law - I am guilty. I must repent, be baptized and then I will
receive the Holy Spirit.  

This is possible for us as human beings, not only to repent, but to receive – actually -- the Holy Spirit of God, within our
spirit.  We as human beings can receive the Spirit of God in union with our spirit.  As we, recognizing our sin, condemned by
God because of our sin, and yet when we come to Him confessing our sin, the Spirit of God and our spirit come together.  
God comes together with our spirit and He seals us. This is the seal of God that He places upon our heart when He comes
to us, cleanses us from our sins, and removes them as far as the east is from the west.  He gives us salvation through
Jesus Christ.  We must confess with our mouth -- not that we just believe in our heart, but we must also speak of that which
we believe, confessing Jesus Christ as Lord of our life.


In the conclusion of the whole matter, the scripture tells us in the Book of Revelation, that there are books. There is a book
which is kept in Heaven that is called the “Lambs Book of Life”. It is a book where Jesus Christ keeps the record of those
who come to Him in repentance of their sins.  In the final conclusion when the earth and all creation has been completed
and all mankind has lived and died, physically, then there will be the “Great White Throne” judgment
In the Book of  Revelation 20: 11 - 15 it says, “Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the
earth and heaven fled away; and there was no place for them.  And I saw the dead small and great, standing before God;
and the books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according
to their works, by the things which were written in the books. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it: death in Hades
delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works.  Then Death and Hades
were cast into the lake of fire which is the second death. And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the
lake of fire”.

That brings a very solemn and fearful conclusion to Gods creation.  God created us all, He loves us all, He made a plan for
us all. But all those who reject Jesus and did not repent, but who turned away from Him and did not come to Him for
salvation through forgiveness of sins will be judged guilty. He has a record of all those sins. In the end the books will be
opened and those sins have been clearly written.  

There is also another book He calls it the book of life, kept by Jesus Christ. When we confess our sins to Him and ask Him
to take away our sins, forgive us our sins, -- He takes them away.  He comes into our hearts and He writes our name in the
Book of life.  

It says in conclusion of all -- that those whose names were not in the Book of Life will be cast out, separated from God their
creator. They are separated from every spiritual provision of God;   separated into a place created by God for them, a place
called Hell.  
All those who have confessed their sins and have come to Jesus Christ and received Christ in their hearts, their names are
written in the Book of Life.
They will go into heaven and live forever and ever with God their Creator.

It is a beautiful, awesome and terrible story.  It is a story that tells us that from the beginning God created and in the end God
finishes His creation.  
He put it together and --- He will take it apart. ---- He did it all on His time table and in His way.
God loves you -- He created you and gave you your spirit as a gift of life.  He wants you to be His. He wants you to come
confessing your sins and asking for salvation through Jesus Christ.
“To all who call upon His name He gives them the right to become children of God.”

As we have given this Bible Study, we discovered and searched through it for Gods’ plan for salvation of His creation.  That
plan is very simple.  It is designed that every human being will have the opportunity to come to Him.  Come to Him out of --
how they understand.  Come to Him for salvation -- simply asking for salvation.

This is made so very clear at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At the time Jesus Christ was crucified there were two criminals
crucified with Him.  Three men hanging on crosses to be dead before the sun goes down.  One man says to Jesus Christ,
“If you are the Christ, come down and take us down also”.  The other criminal on the other side of Jesus turned to that man
and said to him “do you not fear God.”  “We are criminals dying because of our crimes, but this man has done nothing.”  
Then he turns to Jesus and says “Lord, remember me when You come into Your paradise,” and Jesus’ reply to this criminal
was, “today you will be with me in Paradise”.

Notice what is said there.  One man said if you are the Christ, get down and take me down, also.  The other man recognized
his sin.  He said -- we are being crucified justly.  He says to Jesus Christ, ‘Lord’, meaning that he understood who Jesus
was, meaning that he believed. Then he said remember me when you come into your paradise. Notice what this man did.
He confessed his sin.  He recognized Jesus as Lord – believing -- and he just asked to be remembered.  Jesus reply was
“today you will be with me in paradise”.

We can understand from this how simple and how easy is God’s plan of salvation.  How easy it is to say, yes I believe that
there is a God who created the heavens and the earth, -- that Jesus is His Son and confess that I am a sinner. That is the
way of salvation.  That is the plan of salvation.  It is very simple for any person and it is available to everyone of mankind.

If you would like today to pray and receive Jesus Christ in your heart, I would suggest that you pray a prayer of confession.  I
will lead you in a prayer of confession -- if you choose.  I want you to understand before we pray, what I will pray.  Then, if you
are in agreement we will pray together.  I will pray like this.  I believe in God.  I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
who came and died for my sins and was resurrected.  I am a sinner.  Lord Jesus come into my heart and save me, and then
- thank Him.

If you agree with that prayer and would like to pray with me today, I ask you to repeat after me the words that I pray,
remembering and understanding that: -- you must be sincere -- this must be your prayer, not my prayer.  This must be your
words -- your prayer to our heavenly Father.  He will hear your prayer -- if you pray to Him.

This is our prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, I believe that you are God the creator.  I believe that Jesus Christ came into this world, God in the
flesh, died on the cross for my sins and was resurrected from the dead.  Dear Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.  Please come into
my heart and take away my sins and save me.  Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.  In Jesus name I pray.    Amen.  

I believe that any person who prays, believing and confessing, -- simply praying a prayer similar to this will have salvation
with God and live in heaven forever.  Amen.

Is a sermon / a teaching to help / to guide a
person --  to know God our Creator / Jesus
Christ as Savior and Lord -- to be obedient
and prepared for eternity in Heaven with God.