Genesis 1 -- The Evidense of God !!
                                        The Evidence of God
                                            Genesis 1

God is Spirit – so, He can not be seen or touched in a natural physical manner.  
God’s presence can be felt in our physical bodies, but that only as God Himself
determines/permits.  As human kind, we do not approach God on our terms, but
only as He chooses the time/circumstances.  Yet God desires that we know Him and
makes every effort to reveal Himself to mankind within His determined guidelines.  

The Bible says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows
His handiwork.  Day unto day utters speech.  And night unto night reveals
knowledge.  There is no speech nor language where their voice are not heard. ”   
                                                                                                  Psalms 19: 1 – 3.  
The above 3 verses clearly state the reality that as mankind looks into the heavens /
sky, they stand amazed at the immense size, beauty and majesty of  sun, moon
and stars.  And the ‘firmament’ (atmosphere that surrounds earth) demonstrates
an eco-system that could function only by the hand of a great engineer / designer /
creator.  Mankind CAN NOT miss the evidence of God our Creator.  

1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. The earth was without form,
and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering
over the face of the waters.   Genesis 1: 1.  

In order to rightly understand this first verse of the Bible, we need to understand

that it is written correctly and the things spoken about are in the right order.  

*** First – God created the heavens --;  

In the heavens we can see the sun, moon, and stars.  

But the sun, moon and stars were not created until the 4th day, (Genesis1: 14 – 19)  

whereas, the heavens were created on the first day of creation.  With the help of  

modern telescopes / technology we can see in the heavens meteorites, rocks?, space

dust, water, various chemicals, etc. and realize that they / it is composed of mostly

the same elements that make up the earth.  

So, by this first phrase of verse one and some common sense, it is easy to conclude

that on the first day of creation, God created all the elements of physical creation in

the heavens – the raw materials.

*** Second – God created the earth -- ;

God, having created all the elements in the heavens / space, needed only to bring it

together into a ball shaped planet.  This He did by creating a point or field of


(According to scientist, as of present time, the source of gravity is unknown).

“ ----.  Thus says the Lord, who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth,
and forms the spirit of man within him.”  Zechariah 12: 1.  

*** God -- lays the foundation of the earth.  

Through reason / common sense we can see that the earth is surrounded by empty

space, but is held in its exact place by its own gravity plus the gravity of the sun and  

planets of our solar system.  Thus we can conclude that gravity is the foundation of

the earth – that the gravitational power is maintained in exact balance – for the

earth has remained in the same position throughout the history of mankind --  as is

seen by the fact that the north star, the big dipper, little dipper and the

constellations have always been in the same place.

Please note: As the earth rotates around the sun with approximately 93 million

miles distance between – the North Star is always due north, closer than a

compass.  And by measurement of the stars a person can find their place on earth

and determine the season/date.  

The above scientific information substantiates the correctness of the Bible –

that the earth was created on the first day of creation and the sun, moon and

stars later on the 4th day.  Because – especially the stars, being millions/billions

of miles from earth, set in immeasurable space can pinpoint a spot on earth.  

Thus – the sun, moon and stars were created in direct relationship to the earth

as seen with a clear/common sense understanding of Genesis 1: 1.  

Please note –  these explanations are not intended to be scientific, but simple,

limited, common sense observations.  

As God created a gravitational field in the middle of the raw materials that He had

created in the heavens, the raw materials began to circulate, continually being

drawn into the center point of the gravitational field.  This would have the same

effect of a developing low pressure area that draws moisture toward a central

point, producing rain and if it strengthens becomes a storm/hurricane.  The pictures

of galaxies, through telescopes, are similar to pictures of weather related storms.  

Indeed it is good engineering to -- make the raw material – make an adjustable

gravity – place the gravity in the midst of the material – resulting in the material

forming a rotating ball – composed of all the different dirt, rock, metals, chemicals,

etc. – that would be layered as the ball rotates and increases in size.  The evidence of  

the layered earth can be clearly seen in the sides of hills and roads that have been

cut through hills.  Many layers of dirt/sand, rock, etc. of differing colors and

consistency cover the earth – a layer of dirt, a layer of rock, a layer of sand, a layer

different materials.  

Everywhere we look there is a layer of rock, then a layer of dirt or sand, then a layer

of another/different rock.  

Please understand --- God created it all --  

He can increase – decrease – adjust the gravity.  

He can heat or cool the atmosphere.  

As a layer of materal is coming onto the earth, God could heat it and melt it into

rock or He could cool it and it remain as dirt or sand.   

Genesis 1a states that, “The earth was without form.”  

That simply means that it had no shape.  It was like a round ball.  It had been

layered as seen in the hills and mountains, but at the end of the 1st day of creation

it was a smooth ball, no hills or mountains, covered with darkness and water.

Genesis 1b, “And darkness was on the face of the deep.”  

‘Darkness’ by definition has two aspects; #1 – no light, as per seeing with the eye.

#2 – no knowledge or understanding, as per perception in the mind.  

Here in Genesis 1: 2, both aspects apply; On day one there was no sun, moon or

stars, and the knowledge or understanding – ‘light’ did not come until verse 3.  

Genesis 1c, “And the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.”

Earth, in its first stage of creation was covered with water.   

Common sense; The last layer was top soil which can be seen world-wide, then

the water sufficient to cover the earth which can be seen on day 3 of creation.    

3. “Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4. And God saw the light,
that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”  

‘Light’ – in a similar manor as darkness has two aspects – 1. Light by which the eye

can see –  2.And knowledge through which the mind can understand.  

As declaring ‘let there be light’, God initiates the making of a plan for the earth

that He has just created.  As the Spirit God ‘hovers’ over the water, all the

ingredients of earth are in place and then He looks at what he has made and makes

a plan to determine what to do with it.  

This can be compared to a person preparing a ball of clay, placing it on a

spinning potters wheel then decides, makes a plan/idea, what to make of it.  

The plan that is conceived has as its core and entirety – Jesus Christ the ‘light’

of the world.  

In verse 4 God sees that the ‘light --- was good’ – a good plan, approved by God

and He ‘divided the light from the darkness.’  

God’s dividing the light from the darkness has the effect of giving to all creation,

angelic and humankind the right and freedom of choice – spiritually and physically.

‘Light’ represents knowledge, understanding, truth, righteousness, goodness,

obedience, love, joy, peace, etc. as personified in Jesus Christ our ‘light’.  

‘Darkness’ represents in all areas the opposite of light and is characterized as evil

and personified in satan and those who follow his rebellion against their Creator.  

*** It is very important to recognize that from the beginning of God’s creation He

determined not to make us puppets nor animals but, spiritual beings with the right

and ability to choose or reject even our Creator and His good  plan for us.

On the first day of creation God decided to make mankind -- spiritual beings, with

freedom of choice which concluded them all to be sinners, with the opportunity to

be redeemed through Jesus Christ the ‘Light.’

Please refer to John 1: 4 – 9 & John 3: 19 – 21.  

“God called the light day, and the darkness He called night.  So the evening and

the morning were the first day.”
                                                                                    Genesis 1: 5.

It is natural for us as humankind to see, to speak of the ‘light’ / ‘day’ as openness,

truth, right, known, good, happiness/joy, etc.

It is also natural for us to speak of ‘darkness’ / ‘night’ as being secretive, hidden,

untruth, unknown, scary, evil, etc.  

Because God, on the first day of creation, contrasted  ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ as

His plan for creation through Jesus Christ – ‘light’ as in Him and without His

“light’ as ‘darkness’, has set the order of His creation.  

Thus --- when He ‘called the light day’ and ‘the darkness night’ He did at least

two things; #1.  He prophesied / spoke of the coming creation of the sun, moon and

stars on the forth day setting a precedent for future prophecy.  (Amos 3: 7, “--- the

Lord does nothing, unless He reveals His secret.”) and #2.  He set in the mind /

the makeup of mankind a reality of right and wrong --- good and evil contrasted as

‘light’ & ‘darkness’.  (This contrast is well described in Psalm 1).  

In the end -- at the great white throne of Revelation 20: 11- 15 will be the final

separation of ‘light’ and ‘darkness.’    

With this minimal study / explanation of the first day of creation is seen the

engineering, the plan, the beginning of a magnificent physical creation ---


Day 2 of creation:

“Then God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and

let it divide the waters from the waters.”  (Genesis 1: 6).

The task of day 2 could seem minimal compared to the other days of creation,

which speaks to the importance and delicacy of the things created.

The ‘firmament’ is the space between the water on the surface of the earth

and the water above the earth or the clouds.

The firmament contains the air we breathe with all its qualities. It is

invisible, has weight, is held by gravity, serves many necessary functions

and is apparently found only in a thin layer around the earth.

One whole day was required to create the firmament.  

Day 3 of Creation:

On day 3 God’s plan was to make dry land and create all plant life.

The earth was covered with water as seen in day 1 of creation, thus the

earth would have been a smooth round ball spinning in space.  It is

reasonable to understand that God created gravity and that He can adjust  

the strength of it.  This can be seen as the method by which the layers of

rock, then dirt, then sand would be formed on the earth.

So – concluding that God created the raw materials, then gravity that formed

the earth, certainly he can increase the power of gravity to have the effect

of crushing the earth inward. It would be as though you draw the air out of

a ball causing the surface of the ball to indent.  As part of the surface of the

earth indented the water would rush to the lower parts leaving that which

did not indent as dry land.

Then as the second phase of day 3, God created the grass, the herbs and

then trees – thus all plant life covered the earth.

Day 4 of Creation:

God’s plan on day 4 was to create the sun, moon and stars.  

First understanding that the sun, moon and stars are not the ‘light’ spoken of

in day 1 of creation.  The sun gives physical light for the earth which provides the

necessary ingredient to grow the grass, herbs and trees that were created on

day four.  Also the stars were created and placed in unique positions in

relationship to the earth.  Because the stars, the constellations, the North star,

the Southern Cross, etc. are always in direct relationship to the earth is evidence

that the earth was indeed created first and all the rest in relationship too and

for advantage earth.  

For example ---- The earth circles the sun at approximately 93 million miles from

the sun.  This means that the earth rotates in a circle approximately 186 million,

plus the diameter of the sun, miles.  At all times, anywhere in the northern

hemisphere, the north star is exactly north – closer than a compass.  

And – one can -- by measuring stars of the constellations determine their exact

position on earth, the day of the year and the hour and minute of the day or night.  

This is very great proof of the correctness of the Bible as it describes God’s plan

and the evidence of our God and creator.        

Thus, the sun, moon and stars are physical celestial bodies formed in a

similar manner as earth was formed.  God created a point of gravity in the

heavens of raw material and they were formed.  Some of them were formed

of material that would was flammable and they burn, others were like the

earth and moon and do not burn.  

Day 5 of creation:

On day 5 of creation God created only the fishes, sea creatures and the birds.

This seems small as compared to day 4.   

But that attests to the magnitude of living organisms – from microscopic water

creatures to the great whales -- to all the creatures in the air – gnats to condors,

etc. – millions of living creatures that reproduce and live in a balanced nature

where there is food for all and each unique in appearance, diet and lifespan.  

Thus through creation days 1 – 5, God has prepared a world almost ready for

His highest form of creation – mankind.  

Day 6 of creation:  

In the first portion of day 6 God created all the animals – ‘cattle and creeping

thing and the beast of the earth’.  As God created the animals – mammals --, He

made all the components or parts by which He would create mankind –

the highest form and the purpose of His creation.  Mankind and the animals/

mammals, all have the same components from the hair and skin, to the internal

organs, to the manner of reproduction.  

Example --- There is a scientific study, written and published, that compares the

nervous system of earth worms and humans.  It states that the nervous systems

in worms and human are alike in the embryo stage, alike through the development  

stage and in maturity, operating / functioning the same in worms and humans.  

The article concludes that worms and mankind developed through the same

evolutionary process – so worms and humans are akin.  

*** Amazing that science can compare the development of nervous systems in

mankind and worms, but consider the following explanation.

Consider how something is made – for example an automobile.

You may have all the parts of a car – put them all together correctly, but it will not

work until you install a battery / electrical source that sends a charge of electricity

through the wires to operate the different functions. (Kind of like a nervous system).

Every living creature has a nervous system / an electric charge -- that operates it /

gives it life.  When the electric charge is gone – it is dead --- from worms, to

elephants, to human-beings --- no electricity -- IT IS DEAD.

###  God created a nervous system / somehow part of the electricity of every living

creature and put it in all living creatures.  He did not need to make a different

one for mankind, but used the same one that worked well in other creatures.

Science sees the similarity of the nervous systems and calls it evolution ---

when it is simply – the way things were made by God.  

In the latter part of day 6 of creation God created Adam – the first man.  

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness:”
Genesis 1: 26a.  

In the above scripture, God is quoted using the words ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ which are

capitalized.  Thus God is speaking to Himself, but the words are also plural.   

Thus, God is speaking to God the Father / creator and God the Son / Jesus Christ /   

creator (Hebrews 1: 1) and also -- who is the ‘Light’ spoken of in day 1 of creation. (Genesis 1:

###  God is Spirit – in God’s ‘image’ -- is spiritual.  

###  Mankind are physically, in all ways, like an animal.  For mankind to be unique,

different from the animals – in the ‘image’ of God, would be to have an eternal

spirit.  Thus God created in all mankind an eternal living spirit – not equal to God,

but in the ‘image’ of God.

“So God created man in His own image; ------- ; male and female He created them.”
(Genesis 1: 27.)  

So – day 6 God created them, then in Genesis 2: 7 & 2: 21 – 23 we are given a fuller

explanation of how God created mankind.  

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his

nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”  (Genesis 2: 7.)  

Certainly – the physical body comes from the ‘dust’ of the ground.  Everything we

eat is grown from the ground.  When the body dies, it decays and returns to the

‘dust’ of the ground.  The same elements that make up the body are the elements  

of the dirt – ‘dust’ of the ground.  

Then God breathed into Adam ‘the breath of life’.  

(Breath of life = = spirit = = image of God).  

Please note:

For every human-being God creates a spirit.  When a man and a woman unite

sexually, if a sperm and an egg are produced and unite, (physically – the same as an

animal), then, if God creates a spirit and places that spirit into the union of the egg  

and sperm – a human-being is conceived / born.  

** Mankind cannot create a spirit.   

There is a scientific paper -- written and published as a news item -- that explains how
that in humans -- as the male sperm penetrates the female egg there is a spark of light
and thus an embryo is conceived.  

You as a human-being are the best / greatest evidence of the existence

                                    of God our Creator !!  

"----- Thus says the Lord, who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation
of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him."   Zechariah 12: 1.