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My God is Real to me  

How my God became Real to me -- a testimony ;

I suppose it all began at my birth as I remember numerous times my mother recalling how
she cried out to the Lord to help her to deliver me.  I was a 91/2 pound baby  

A person might say that I was predestined from that point on.  There is president for
such beliefs in the scriptures. (Samuel, etc).  But I want to make it very clear that it was
always up to me to choose the right way and reject the wrong way.  I chose many wrong
ways -- did enough sins to sink the biggest ship ever made.
 I had to learn that 'my God is
 So the question is -- how to know that God is real.  

At age 9 I confessed Christ and was baptized.  It had been my habit each Sunday to go to
sleep leaning on the end of the pew.  One Sunday I did not go to sleep, but listened to
the pastor.  On the way home I stood in the back car seat and leaning over the seat
asked mother about my thoughts.  I remember the exact place -- just pasted the Child's
house.  That Sunday evening mother took me to the pastor's office and we decided that I
would go forward at an evening service because there would not be so many people
there.  But the following Sunday morning I found myself at the front waiting to talk to the
pastor.  I do not remember what was said, but it was an important event to me.  Later I
was baptized and from that day forward it was always an emotional time to me when I saw
anyone baptized.   About the same time I was given a new Bible -- I read from it every
day.  I remember nights, not being able to go to sleep and remembering I had not read
my Bible -- so I got up, turned on the light, read my Bible and then went to sleep.

Years later, probably 17 -- junior in high school, one night I found myself very troubled.  I
did not understand, but I had thoughts of ministry.  In the midst of my troubled heart I
said in my mind -- leave me alone.  The struggle stopped immediately.  I pleaded for my
Lord to return, but He left me very alone.  I learned to never say that again.  My thoughts
were that our pastor who was Dr. Richardson was way up there at the front and I was
country hick on back row -- I could not do that.  I refused the ministry -- for many years I
would not even allow my mind to go there.

I had recently began to date Nancy, who later became my wife, when she invited me to
accompany her to a high school senior party at one of her friend's home.  Her friend had
an older brother who was my age and a friend for many years.  We were all well
acquainted.  As we were seated in their living room talking -- having a good time, a
young lady across from us was talking.  I suddenly had the thought that when she
stopped talking that another person to our right would begin to speak and I knew what
she would talk about.  It happened just that way.  

About 5 or 6 years later, Nancy and I were married and had two young daughters.  I was
owner and operated a dairy farm just off hyway 44 west of Alice, our home town.  Life was
good to us.  I was on a tractor, plowing in the southeast field.  I suddenly had the thought
that the health inspector might come to check the dairy.  I stopped got off the tractor and
went to the dairy barn and checked  everything to be sure it was clean.  While cleaning
things, I suddenly felt that the threat was past, I took note of the time and returned to the
tractor.  That afternoon I was in town at the dairy association office, when the health
inspector came in.  He said to me, I almost stopped at your place this morning, but
decided to go down south instead.  I asked him what time it was when he made that
decision.  He replied that he had left the café just before 10:00, so right about 10:00, he
pasted my place.  That was the exact time I had felt the release of threat and went back
to the tractor.   

About 4 or 5 years later I awoke one night soaking wet with sweat and with the greatest
fear I had ever felt.  I had dreamed that we were at a lake jumping from a pier and
swimming.  Our second daughter jumped into the water, but did not come up.  I jumped
in -- was swirling in the water, but could not find her -- then I awoke.  I was so afraid -- I
did not even tell Nancy, but I prayed and prayed for weeks until the fear was lifted.  2 or 3
years later we were invited by friends to go to their lake house for an afternoon.  We
were with them in their car.  As we approached the entrance to the property, my friend
handed me the keys to the gate.  I got out and as I looked down the driveway into the
property there was the lake and the pier just as I had seen in my dream.  We jumped from
the pier, swam in the lake -- there was no fear -- no problem, because my Lord had
answered my prayers.  

The 5 events as I described above are just examples of many similar things that
happened in my life.  Many times things happened of which there was no physical
explanation.  I had thoughts that I could not have imagined, dreams that either came true
or were a warning of danger, as the one above and other times that I can only say -- it
was a vision physically impossible to explain.  Somewhere along the way I began to
question -- why did these things happen.  Looking back it seems that when I began to
question why -- they increased in number and difficulty to understand.  In fact, I began to
sometimes have thoughts, dreams and etc that did not prove to be true.   This made the
necessity to discern the source of the phenomena -- thus, the most difficult part -- is this
from God our Creator or the deceiver our adversary satan and or demons.  

One Sunday at our church in Lugansk, Ukraine a young lady came to me and shared --
explaining in detail a dream that she said she had seen numerous times.  She ask advise
as she was not sure if it was truly from God.  I told her that I did not hear anything that
sounded amiss or wrong.  I suggested that every day that coming week that where ever
she was at 12:00 noon to stop and pray for discernment and I would do the same where
ever I was.  The following Sunday she returned and told me that she had prayed and I
had also, but she said there was no answer.  We agreed to continue another week.  The
second Sunday came -- I was on the stage when she entered the auditorium.  When i saw
her I knew she had gotten an answer.  She came running to the front saying she has
gotten an answer from the Lord and the dream was not from Him / not true.  She
explained the part the Lord had shown her that was not true.  She was so excited.  If she
had believed / followed the false dream, she would have gone astray in her spiritual walk.

From the very beginning of my ministry I had been very aware and cautious knowing that
I must be careful in spiritual decisions.  On the night that I surrendered to be obedient to
His calling -- at about 11:30 I concluded / conceded that my Lord was really calling me to
be a preacher.  I prayed to Him to please 'show me beyond a shadow of doubt if this was
what He wanted me to do and if so I would do my best.'  I then went to sleep and at 4:30
awoke with a dream that completely proved to me the certainty of God's calling.  Not only
did He prove it within me, but the very next week a nearby church called me to preach
for them in an interim capacity and in 3 months I was called to be pastor of another
nearby church.  Also , daily the Lord gave proofs, signs and conformations.  From that
day May 1, 1978 until now 42 years later I have never doubted nor been with out being
occupied in His work.   
I know for certain that I understood directly from God -- neither
asking anyone nor receiving any advise.  

About 6 years later, I am the pastor of First Baptist Church Lacey Washington.  The Lord
sent me and miraculously provided for a mission trip with IMB volunteer missions.  Upon
returning my Lord begin to work in my mind about resigning the pastorate and doing
mission work.  As these thoughts increased, (I resisted because the church situation
was so wonderful), I then applied to IMB for mission appointment.  They rejected me
because at that time they did not appoint anyone over 35 years of age -- I was 42 and had
high school children.  I went to the Lord and ask if I was mistaken.  He let me know very
quickly that His calling was not mistaken.  A couple of days later I am lying on the floor at
the alter in the auditorium (That had been my habit for a long time) in great distress
trying to determine for sure what I was supposed to do.  Suddenly the LORD spoke to me
in my heart - in my being - in my ear -- in all of me -- He said these exact words 'You heard
Me - you understood Me -- are you going to obey or disobey.'   

The next Sunday I resigned the church and did volunteer missions until now.  He has
proven His calling MANY times and in many places around the world.  

After working over a year on a particular project with some Philippino pastors, the Lord  
began dealing with me to leave that project.  Then at the breakfast table one morning my
wife told me she had a dream that she needed to tell.  After she told her dream she had
the night before, I said well, I need to tell you a dream I had the night before that.  Having
shared our dreams, we together concluded that our Lord was calling us to go to Ukraine
as missionaries.  Soo - beginning in the fall of 1984 we were looking for an opportunity to
go to Ukraine.  We found nothing.  In the following years we did numerous mission
projects -- Mexico, New York, California twice and Texas.  Eight years later in December
1992 we went to Lugansk, Ukraine as missionaries.  This was very great conformation of
God's calling.  Not only that we went , but we were the only ones who could / would go
even when some folks who were part of the project resisted our going.  The resistance
could not prevent our going, which only confirmed that our Lord was sending my wife
and I to where He had called us 8 years before.  His calling proved to be very fruitful in
Ukraine and beyond.  

While we were waiting for Ukraine we were working with a team we had organized.  We
were in California working out of a Baptist Church in a low rent housing project near
Disney Land.  We were doing evangelism with young people -- It was very fruitful.  Part of
our group was a puppet team.  We heard of a Christian group that was involved in a
'Sister - City program between Los Angeles and Guangzhou, China.  We took our team to
Pasadena, met with the folks and they invited 3 members of our group to accompany
them for 1 month touring China in May 1986.  They performed in 5 university auditoriums
and was shown on Chinese nation wide TV.  They were told that it was the first time
christian songs were sung on Chinese TV.

We put our puppeteers on the plane at LAX May 1st and the following day moved into a
trailer house in an orange grove near Redlands.  The owner offered us to stay there
while our team was in China.  That evening May 2nd as my wife was preparing dinner I sat
down and was reading the Bible.  WE were completely broke -- I had given all the money
to the team going to China -- and living in a borrowed house.  I was sitting in a recliner
chair reading -- I stopped and said -- Lord - what am I going to do now.  
My Lord said VERY clearly -- 'Study Revelation' .
I replied 'I will' -- opened the Bible in my hand to Revelation and started reading.  After
He spoke to me I clearly understood that I was to study Revelation from the Bible --  No
commentaries, no books, no others advise, not even the old Testament prophesies --
only Revelation.  As time went by I understood the value of that instruction.  In prophesy
study we had most always began with Daniel then the other OT prophesies and then
attempted to mold Revelation into those OT scriptures.  But -- Revelation is the scroll
from the right hand of God seated on His throne and sealed with 7 seals and given to
only Jesus Christ to open.  That means that --- GOD WROTE IT -- IT IS COMPLETE -- (7
SEALS = COMPLETE) IT STANDS ON ITS OWN.  I understood that when I got Revelation
correct then the OT prophesies would fit in their rightful place as seen in Revelation.  
After a full year of 24 / 7 study of Revelation I understood and then went back to the OT
prophesies and I was amazed how they all fit together.   The OT prophesies are glimpses
that are completed in Revelation.  

Over many years and many places in this world my God taught me to listen -- to hear -- to
understand -- and TO OBEY.  

I am nobody and I am  unworthy, unlearned, unable, UNeverything, but my Lord and my
God called me -- I worked on it for many years, I tried to do my best.  He taught me to
understand and He called me and gave me a job and He gave me the interpretation of
His prophesy.  The scroll in His right hand came direct from God the Creator and all the
interpretation I received came from Him -- thus it is God's word and it is not for sale -- but
free to all and anyone who desires to read or study.  
If you or anyone will start at the beginning and with much prayer, sincerity and an open
mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit -- you will be blessed with the understanding of
God's prophesy to His creation.

He -- my God / My Lord and Savior has taught me to understand the interpretation of
Revelation's Prophesy ---- sooo;  

'That all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty, that you
may fear the Lord your God forever'.

My God is Real For I Can Feel Him in my Soul --

Please consider at  a study of Revelation

By Don English