THE  ORIGIN  OF  EARTH

                              BY   THE  ONLY  GOD

The only God is spiritual.

John 4 : 24 says, God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth.

God's spiritual realm includes the physical but goes beyond the physical to the unknown.  This
statement is made just from common sense -- that God would not, in His spiritual realm, create a
physical realm that would totally fill His place of existence.  

Isaiah 66:1, Thus says the Lord, " Heaven is My throne, and the earth is my footstool."

Also Revelations 6:14 says,  "Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up."

The implication is that the sky is physical and in the end when the physical realm is concluded      
( rolled up ) God appears before mankind in His spiritual realm.

We can suppose,( there is no proof ), that there is a Spiritual Heaven, God's Heaven, and also the
physical Heavens in which exist the earth, sun and stars that we see as physical.

At the same time we should not suppose that heaven is only out beyond the stars somewhere.  In
Genesis 3:8 it speaks of " the Lord God walking in the garden".  Also in Matthew 8:20 Jesus says,
" For where two or three are gathered together in My name I am there in the midst of them."

Thus --  physical Heavens are within God’s Spiritual Heaven.

God -- has open access to both, within His guidelines of His relationship with mankind.

Angels -- have access to both within God's will.

Satan and demons -- have access to spiritual realm around earth in the physical Heavens, but
has no access to God’s Spiritual Heaven.

Apparently the heavens or sky, or space which contains the earth, sun, planets, stars, goes
beyond or is larger than mankind has yet seen.  This is concluded because space scientist are
continually finding stars that they had not previously seen.  Those distant stars are physical as is
our sun and seem to be at distances inconceivable to mankind.  Those distances that are
physical make us as mankind seem very small as we pass through space on planet Earth. Since
we are so small and physical creation so big, how great is God who created all physical.

"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth."  Genesis 1-1.

Many in the world today, even many theologians, consider that the book of Genesis is a myth.

Certainly the writer Moses was not there when the events of Genesis took place.

But God was there and He certainly knew history and everything that happened.   He instructed
Moses in the things which were the history of the earth.  God gave us the message of Genesis
and Moses wrote it.

Moses had plenty time for God to dictate the book of Genesis to him in the tent of meeting during
40 years in the desert.  Exodus 33 : 7 - 11.

One of the purposes of this study is to demonstrate how God in just a few verses shows to
mankind some great truths.

First God created the Heavens.

In Genesis 1: 8 , There are two words used for what we might call atmosphere and space.  First, in
verse six God said, " Let there be a firmament “ and in verse eight, "And God called the firmament

We can understand that there is an earth's atmosphere that is different from outer space and yet
it is all invisible physical space.  In some way firmament and Heaven means physical space and
yet there is the Spiritual Heaven where God is, that is invisiable to mankind.

As God created the heavens in Genesis 1 : 1, He created space and the matter or raw materials
that are in space.

Space scientist through telescopes can give us pictures of space matter.  Space matter consists
of all kinds of minerals, metals, chemicals, etc. that make up the earth, the sun and all other
celestial bodies.  We assume that when God created the Heavens that He created these raw
materials because next He created the earth that is made of those raw materials.

It is easy to imagine how God created the earth in a heaven of raw materials.  He needed only to
create an electromagnetic field or center of gravity which would pull together the raw materials
into a spinning ball. ( See Hubble telescope pictures, NASA web site).  In these pictures we see
material being drawn in a spiral motion into a center point that is to form the center of a star.

It is interesting that we can see similar formations from satellite pictures of a hurricane.  As a low
pressure area develops, the winds began to circle and pull in moisture.

True story -- --: A few years ago I went fishing with a good friend in a small lake just south of
Olympia, Washington.  As dawn came that morning I was sitting beside the lake.  In front of me
was a small circular cove approximately 12 inches wide. The water came up to the grass around
the edge. The temperature was approximately 40°, the air was completely calm and there was a
heavy mist coming off the waters surface.  As I watched, the mist in a small spot about an inch
diameter began a circular motion.  The circulation became stronger and stronger and began to
move across the area.  After strengthening and moving across about 10 or 12 inches it hit the
edge with enough force to swirl the grass at the waters edge.  In about an hour's time I sat and
watched this repeated eight or ten times.  I did not catch a single fish, but I saw an amazing thing
that morning.

Somehow God has made creation so that a circular motion begins very small and can build into a
mighty hurricane.   But most of the time a low-pressure area gathers moisture and clouds and
causes rain to fall upon the land.  In a similar manner God made creation so that a circular motion
begins in outer space and space matter is drawn into a ball that makes a star or planet or moon.

God created the heavens -- -- with all that is in them.  God created a gravitational center that drew
in the material for earth.  First a ball is formed and it spins round and round.  The spinning ball
gathers space matter that is drawn into it in layers. These layers of rock and dirt or easily seen by
roadsides or the side of a hill, or Mountain, or riverbank.

God has the control of the gravitational power.  He can increase or decrease the power so as to
draw in a layer of sand and then increase the power so that the sand turns to rock. At another
time he would not increase the power and the same type of sand would remain sand.  As Earth
continued to spin through space it would pick up a layer of red sand, (thus Oklahoma), then white
sand, then black rocks, then a little gold and then a little silver etc.  etc.

Thus earth becomes a round ball of rocks, dust, dirt and water.  

In Genesis 1:2 , " The earth was without form and void."

Earth was at this point of creation a round ball with nothing on it.

In Genesis 1:2b, " And darkness was on the face of the deep."

I believe that "darkness" here means that there was not yet a plan or purpose for earth.

Genesis 1: 2c, " And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters."

God was looking it over and making a plan.

Genesis 1:3,  Then God said, " Let there be light."

The light here in verse three is part of what God created in the first day of creation.  It is not a
physical light.  The physical lights sun, moon and stars were created on the fourth day of creation
in verses 14 -- 19. So on the first day of creation God made the Heavens, the earth and made a
plan.  The plan He called " light ".

Jesus said in John 8:12, " I am the light of the world."  And John 1:9, says that Jesus Christ,          
" was the true light which gives light to every man coming in to the world."

There are many, many references in the Bible that speaks of " light " in a way that is not physical

On the first day of creation before any living thing was created God devised a plan.  In that plan
God would place His own Spirit in the body of the man Jesus Christ and then the knowledge of
God would be brought to mankind.

First -- the " light " is Jesus Christ.

" Light " is God's plan for His creation.

" Light " is spiritual knowledge.

" Light " is life to mankind.

A million things can be written declaring God as the creator.  The above explanation covers only
the first day of creation, but it is sufficient to declare who, and a bit of how, the heavens and the
earth came to exist.

This explanation is to say to all the world that:

1.  God created all physical things.

2. There is no other God.

3.  No other being or thing can rightfully be called God.

Once at a church in a large city in China a young man came up to me and ask if he could ask a
question.  I answered "yes".  His question was: There are many religions in the world, how can
you know which one is the true religion?

My interpreter informed me that the question was confrontational.

I replied, that is okay.  I don't mind.  I'm glad to give my answer.

My answer was:

The Buddha was a great teacher and leader of men.  Many millions have followed his teachings
and made a great religion from his teachings.

Buddha lived and died in India.  He did not create anything.

Mohammed was a great leader of men and a great religion was built in his name by his followers.

Mohammed lived and died in Arabia.  He did not create anything.

I held up my Bible and said, " this is about God, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, sun,
moon, stars and the creator of the live that is the spirit in you.  What you need to determine is who
is the creator, and then you will find the only true religion.

God who created the heavens and the earth is also the Father of spirits.  Reference Genesis 2:7,  
Zachariah 12: 1, Hebrews 12:9 and Ecclesiastes 12 : 7 .  Every living human being has an eternal
spirit that is created by God and given as a gift of life at conception in their mothers womb.  
Everyone who has parented a child knows that they did not create an eternal spirit.  Through a
sexual act parents supply the egg and sperm, physical, and God supplies the spirit of life in the

God is the creator of all we see and touch, -- all physical -- and He is the creator of every human
spirit and the angelic spirits.

God made, sustains and maintains that which He has created in an orderly and reasonable

On the second day of creation God did two things:

Genesis 1 : 6, " Then God said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide
the waters from the waters.  Thus God made the firmament and divided the waters which were
under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so.  And God
call the firmament Heaven so the evening and the morning were the second day."

In the firmament God made the air we breathe; the earth's atmosphere is 79% nitrogen, 20%
oxygen and 1% other gases.

Also God made the water so that it evaporates and rises to make clouds in the upper part of the
firmament -- atmosphere

On the third day God shaped the earth so that the surface water was gathered into seas, thus
making dry land.  And the way verse 9 reads we can gather that through the second day the earth
will quiet round with water all over it.  Then God raised part of it and lowered part of it so as to
make the water run into the lower part thus the higher part becoming dry ground.

Consider how on the first day it seems that God created a center of gravity in the midst of space
matter and earth was created with its layers of sand and rock.  It makes sense that by increasing
and decreasing the gravity the layers could become as we see them today.  Then on the third day
God needed only to increase the gravity a little and the surface would be altered. It would be like
removing the air from a basketball.  Parts of it would sink in.  Increased gravity would shrink the
earth thus changing the shape.  To understand how God could have shaped the earth by
changing the gravitational power can help greatly in understanding what could have happened at
the time of Noah and the flood.

Please note the following:

1.  Here in this third day of creation, Genesis 1: 9 - 13, there is no mention of mountains but only
seas and dry land with grass, herbs and trees.

2.  Also in Genesis 2, we have a short explanation about creation.  In verse five it says that it did
not rain on the earth.  In verse six it says that a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole
face of the ground. This description would be reasonable for land that was mostly flat and near
sea level.

Now consider the conditions at the time of Noah and the flood:

Genesis 7: 12, " And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights."

Remember, on the second day in Genesis 1: 6 - 8 God divided the water above the firmament
from the water below.  For it to rain 40 days and nights there must have been a very thick cloud
cover above the firmament - atmosphere.  In chapter 2 it did not rain although there was thick
clouds.  Having a thick layer of clouds all around the earth could greatly protect and have the
effect of making the earth a warm, moist environment ( kind of like a terrarium )  where plants and
animals could grow and multiply very quickly.

Then God turned up the gravity and the rain came down.  

Remember that there  was not any mention of mountains and Genesis 1 and 2.  In the description
of the flood it says in Genesis 7:19, " And all the high hills under the whole Heaven were
covered."  Then in verse 20,  " The waters prevailed 15 cubits upwards and the mountains were

Please note: All the high hills under the whole heaven were covered by 15 cubits of water and the
mountains were covered.

The purpose of these statements is to place a very big explanation mark on the fact that the
whole earth was covered with water.  These statements do not demand that there was 15 cubits
of water over Mount Everest nor even that there was mountains before the flood.

Consider this:

1.  God created the earth a round ball covered with water.

2.  God turned up the gravity and shrunk the earth a little and formed seas and dry land.

At the time of Noah mankind had become evil and rebellious against God and God determined to
destroy them.

3.  God turned up the gravity and the rain came down.

4.  As Noah, his family and the animals were floating on the water, God turned up the gravity
again and the earth's crust was broken or crushed inward and the mountains rose up out of the
water and the water ran to the oceans as we know them today.  This would have caused great
volcanic activity as the earth's crust breaks making vents to release the pressure.  The layers of
rock and dirt would be cracked and raised up forming mountains. The cracks would appear as
grand canyons, as the layered crust moved to and fro raising up to mountains in one place and
pulling apart in another place.

The point is:

That God not only created the earth and then shaped it, but also reshaped it at the time of Noah
and can continue to maintain and reshaped at it as necessary.

It would also be reasonable to think that down through the thousands of years of history there
would be some necessity for adjustments in gravitational pull between the earth, sun and moon.
With the many celestial bodies spinning through space it must be necessary for God's hand to be
nearby for adjustments.

Consider ---  that the big dipper, little dipper and all the stars consolations have been in the same
place throughout the history of mankind.  God has held them there in place.

This fits very well into the Scriptures in Hebrews 1 : 2 - 3 , Psalms 93:1 and Job chapters 26 and
38.  And many others that declare the Lord as creator and sustainer of all creation.

In Revelation 16 : 20,  the Bible says,  "Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not

The events would be this:

1.  In the beginning, the earth was without form, with water on the surface.

2.  The second day God shaped it to make dry land and seas.

3.  After the sin and rebellion of mankind, (time of Noah and flood), God made the mountains.

4.  After rebellious mankind is destroyed with the seven bowls of God's wrath, ( Revelations 16 )
no more islands -- no more mountains.

In Revelations 21:1, " Now I saw a new Heaven and a new earth, for the first Heaven and the first
earth had passed away, also there was no more sea".

Certainly God is not finished with His creation but will continue to monitor it until the final
conclusion in eternity.

God is the creator of the heavens and the earth.

God is a sustainer and maintainer of the heavens and the earth.

God is the terminator of the heavens and the earth.

And God is the eternal provider for His family.

God created the Heavens and the earth -- -- the Heavens and the earth belong to God.

God will do with the Heavens and the earth as he chooses.

God created the spirit of life within every human being.

You and I were created by God -- -- You and I belong to God -- God will do with you and I as He

The above statements and observations or made with confidence.  Confidence not in scientific
facts, but based on three facts.

1.  My personal belief and faith in God.

2.  The fact that the Bible is true and correct when correctly interpreted.

3.  A little bit of common sense applied to biblical truths.

The following explanations are not given as biblical facts, but as reasonable deductions from
biblical truths applied to the real world around us.

Biblical fact: God created the earth with grass, herbs and trees growing on a near sea level plain
that was watered from the ground, no rain, and having a thick canopy of clouds over all of the

At the flood in the time of Noah the earth was greatly altered.  Genesis 7 :11b - 12, " On that day all
the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.  And
the rain was on the earth 40 days and 40 nights."

After the time of the great flood there was no canopy of clouds and there were mountains on the
earth as we see them today.

Reasonable deductions:

**These clouds before the flood would protect Earth from harmful sun rays.

**The clouds would give a constant year-round temperature all over the earth.

**This would give tremendous growth to plants and trees worldwide.

**This would cause the animal world to grow and multiply greatly.

**This could make it possible for mankind to live to be hundreds of years old.

**There would probably not be deserts or frozen polar caps.

Applied evidence around us:

1.  Great fossil fuel oil deposits within the Arctic Circle and in deserts were it would seem
impossible for them to be produced on the earth as we know it.

2.  There are dinosaur tracks in stone that appear to have been made in wet sand or mud.            (
Various places all over the earth.)

It could have happened this way:  A dinosaur was walking in mud at the time when God
increased the gravity turning the mud into stone before the tracks were washed out.

3.  There are fish and sea shells encased in rocks on the top of mountains.

The earth's crust was broken and raised up out of the seas to make the mountains.

4.  There are prehistoric animals encased in ice.

God turned up the gravity and the clouds fell as rain, taking away the protective canopy and the
polar regions froze quickly.

5.  There is petrified wood of various trees all over the earth.

God turned up the gravity -- the sand turned into stone -- and the trees turned into stone.  It would
take a great upheaval to turn trees to stone.

Only God knows what it took to turn a tree into a stone.

Since God put the big dipper in the sky and has kept it there in the same place throughout the
known history of mankind, He can turn a tree to stone

And --- since God had the power to turn the forest to petrified wood He also had the power to
protect Noah, his family and the animals in the Ark as it floated on the water.

To be continued:


God created the earth as recorded in Genesis chapter 1.  
God reshaped / changed the earth at the time of the flood.  Gen. 6 -- 8.
God will reshape / change the earth again at Armageddon.  Rev. 16: 20.  
God will change the earth again in the end time.  Rev. 21: 1.