Revelation  By  Common  Sense !!  

The Word of God is always (when correctly interpreted) according to ‘common sense’.  
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple enough for a child and yet too profound for the greatest mind to
grasp by its own intellectual abilities.

This also is true of Revelation prophecy as related to the Bible as a whole – it is sensible and

One point of ‘common sense’;

Revelation, as the final book of the Bible, can stand on its own.  It is complete -- (7 sealed message).  It
is from the right hand of God as He sits upon His throne and only Jesus Christ can open the
messages.   God is the author.  John wrote only what he saw and heard.  Yet it does not contradict nor
minimize prophesies of the Old Testament.

A misunderstood ‘common sense’ point;  

The 7 Seals are not tribulation.  7 Seals are the complete message from God’s right hand – prophesy --
not tribulation.  Seals 1 – 5 are the life conditions that all mankind have lived and the law by which
mankind will be judged.  (Please see ‘Revelation Explanation’ in www.spmint.com).  Seal #6 is a
visionary preview of the final day of God’s creation; the last of the rebellious are being destroyed (6: 12
– 17), as – the Family of God is seen ‘standing before the throne’ in Heaven (7: 4 - 9). Seal #7 describes
the tribulation and the rest of the Revelation.  The 7th Seal describes the seven year tribulation in two
parts – 7 trumpets are the first 3 & 1/2 years and the 7 bowels are the second 3 & ½ years.  Thus, there
are 3 sets of 7s, but only 2 time periods of 3 & ½ years each that are clearly divided between trumpets
and bowels.  

Another ‘common sense’ point;  

In the book of Revelation there are no national divisions, nationalities nor races of people.  Only 2
groups – the Family of God – and those who are not part of the family of God -- only – those whose
names are written in the ‘Book of Life’ and those who are not.  

‘Common sense point;

There are 2 ‘Reapings’ of the earth.  The final members of the Family of God are reaped (raptured) from
earth after the 7th trumpet and prior to the final destruction of the 7 bowels of God’s wrath (Rev. 14: 14
– 16).  The final generation of rebellious mankind are reaped after the 7 bowels; after the conclusion of
the Battle of Armageddon.  (Rev. 19: 21).  The 2 reapings of the earth, although explained in Chapter 14,
do not occur at or near the same time.  But the second ‘reaping’ described in 14: 17 – 20 actually
happens at the end of chapter 19.  After 19: 21 there are no physical mankind on earth.  The phrase, “---
the birds were filled with their flesh”, -- is an illustration that says that there is no one left to bury the

Another ‘common sense’ point;  

The 1,000 year (millennial) reign of Christ is ‘spiritual’ not physical.   This is the first resurrection, thus
not physical.  The saints (Family of God) receive their resurrected bodies, as was Jesus’ body after His
resurrection from the grave.  Those, ‘who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not
received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands,’ are there with Jesus Christ.  This does not
mean that they are the only ones there, but that the last of the Family of God is there, thus the Family of
God is complete.  All God’s children are with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

A ‘common sense’ point;

There will be a final battle after the 1,000 year reign of Christ.  All persons involved will be spiritual
(only) beings.  satan will be released and the souls of rebellious mankind will be gathered to make war
against the family of God, who have just completed the 1,000 year reign with Jesus Christ.  The ‘camp’
(‘camp’ – because it is a temporary place) of the saints is surrounded and immediately the devil is cast
into the ‘Lake of Fire’ and rebellious mankind is ready to receive their resurrected bodies for the ‘Great
White Throne Judgment’.  

Important point;  

With the conclusion of the ‘final battle’ these things have clearly happened;  
***satan + 1/3 of the angels rebelled in Heaven – were judged guilty and cast out – confined to the
earthly realm.    
***The fallen angels continue their rebellion – joined together with rebellious mankind on earth (the
***Fallen angels + rebellious mankind will take control of earth – then God will destroy their spoils of
war + rebellious mankind.  
***Then after 1,000 years all the rebellious are released, gathered and proceed to make war again –
then, they will be utterly defeated.  
Recognizing all of history drawing toward a conclusion, we clearly see all rebellion defeated.  The
rebellion in Heaven defeated – the rebellion on earth defeated – the rebellion in the spiritual realm
defeated !!


“You have made Him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under
His feet”
 (Psalm 8: 6 & I Corinthians 15: 27).  

Understanding this ‘important point’ makes Ezekiel chapters 37 – 39 make good sense.

One more point;  

Every human being, EXCEPT the beast and the false prophet  (Rev. 19: 20), will be at the ‘Great White
Throne Judgment – from Adam to the last person born.  All whose names are written in the ‘Lamb’s
Book of Life’ will receive their Heavenly home reward.  All whose names are not found in the ‘Lamb’s
Book of Life’ will be cast into the lake of fire.   
Mankind who make up the beast and false prophet, who deceived mankind, will NOT get their day in
court, but well be cast ‘alive’ into the ‘lake of fire’.  (Rev.19: 20).  
May God bless you with the understanding of His Word !!!!


Revelation is from the right hand of God to the Church (True Family of God).  The Church is to give the
message to all mankind.  
The message gives / explains to mankind;  
**The conditions / the realities /the spiritual law under which all mankind has lived.  Seals #s 1 – 5.  

**The fact that all mankind is divided into 2 groups and explains each group’s circumstances at the last
day of physical existence.  6th Seal.   

**The way / the process by which God will bring to a close / destroy His creation.  (7 years of tribulation
and destruction). 7th  Seal.

**The fact that after the death of all mankind, all mankind will stand to give account / to be judged by
God their Creator to determine the eternal destiny of each person who has ever lived.  (Great White
Throne Judgment).

QUESTION;   Of the 4 statements above which is the most important for mankind to hear / to
understand ??  

ANSWER;  The 4th statement is most important as – at the Great White Throne Judgment your eternal
destiny will be declared.  

God our Creator set / determined each of these 4 messages given to us from His right hand.  Mankind
had no say in them and all mankind has and will live by them.  I can-not change the reality of the things
prophesied in the Book of Revelation.  


Any / every human being who sincerely determines to believe in God their Creator and follow His plan /
instructions to open their heart / spirit to pray / receive Jesus Christ as Lord, confessing and repenting
of their sins and following our Lord’s teachings; their names will be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life
by Jesus Christ.  


Although the preaching and teaching of the tribulation, the 666, the millennial, the warfare of nations,
etc is prominent, exciting, sells a lot of books, etc. yet the most important message is the ‘Final
Message’, which is also the FIRST MESSAGE of Jesus Christ in Matthew 4: 17.  
“From that time Jesus began both to preach and to say, Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand .”  

Therefore we conclude that the greatest, most important message from the right hand of God is also
the final message of Revelation, the coming ‘Great White Throne Judgment.  

REPENT AND RECIEVE JESUS CHRIST AS LORD, and be prepared, for that judgment day is coming.