Revelation Explanation
Revelation Explanation.

Interpretation of end time events

Biblically sound and by common sense

The Author of Revelation - chapters 1, 4 & 5:

The first and most important thing to understand is that God is The author.  In Revelation 1, verse one it explains that
it is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him.   This statement is seen in visionary form in Revelation
Chapters 4 and 5.  Chapter 4 is a vision of God, sitting on His throne with a seven sealed scroll in His right hand.  
Chapter 5 is a vision which explains that Jesus Christ is The only one in all of creation who can open The seven
sealed scroll.  John is The man who wrote The message that he saw and heard, but it is uniquely and absolutely
authored by God The Creator of The heavens and The earth and who placed a created spirit into each of mankind.  
God your creator has given to you a message while seated upon His throne -- it is of utmost importance to every
human being.

The Message to The Church:

Before Jesus opens The seven seals He, in chapters 2 and 3, addresses seven churches.  The number seven in
biblical prophecy means complete or all, thus as Jesus Christ addresses seven churches He is sending a message
to all / or The complete church.  The messages to The seven churches address sins that are unique to The members
of each church.  The fact that each message is unique to each church gives each church an understanding of who
has sent them a message.  Jesus Christ is The only one who could have known The circumstances in each church,
thus when The individuals are confronted with their own personal sins,  they realize that only The Lord could know
and He is correcting them in their sinful conditions.  Jesus Christ, to The first century church, points out their sins,
instructs them to repent, commends them for their good points, and instructs The church to listen with a spiritual
ear, what The Spirit says to The churches.   
THUS -- to every church of The family of God  -- there are sins and sinners
in The church.  They must repent.  There are also good things in The church.  They must apply spiritual understanding
in all matters of The church to discern and to deal with The ever present human sins.   

The Seven Seals:

As Jesus Christ opens The seven seals we are given The prophecy from The right hand of God.  (This is not
This prophecy declares The events of The end times.  These events will happen, be carried out, during The last seven
years of God's creation.  The seven seals reveal / prophesy The coming of - and events of those seven years.
Although this is prophecy of The end times, yet it describes The conditions / The plan of God from The beginning of His
creation.  From The beginning there would be a result / consequences for sin and disobedience.  From The beginning
there was planned -- an end.  From The beginning there would be death of The physical, and a resurrection into The
spiritual -- then the judgment.  From The beginning there would be a judgment.  From The beginning there was
planned a home for The family of God and a hell for The rebellious / disobedient.  

Seals 1 -- 5 prophesy the law / the basis for a coming judgment.  A judgment at which every human being who has
ever lived will be present.
At this judgment The eternal destiny of every human being who has ever lived will be determined.  It is a spiritual
judgment in The spiritual realm before The throne of God The Creator -- The Great White Throne Judgment.  At that
time all of mankind will have died physically --  have been resurrected from The dead and in their resurrected bodies
stand at that judgment.  All mankind will be judged individually before God -- by God.  Those who have been obedient to
their creator, whose names are written in The Lamb's book of life will individually receive their reward as part of The  
Family of God.  Mankind who has been rebellious, disobedient to their creator will be judged individually by their
unrepentant sins as recorded in The books that will be opened with The recorded evidence.  

Please refer to 'The Law of The Heart' -- a page in this website.

Seal 6 is a message that tells us that mankind is divided into two groups.  Beginning with The first family, Adam & Eve
and continuing through every generation, there are those who are faithful and those who are unfaithful to their God
and creator.  Seal #6 gives a clear / vivid picture of each group at The very end of physical creation as we know it.
The first vision (Revelation 6: 12 - 17) shows The circumstances / The physical end of mankind, who has rebelled
against / rejected their God and creator.  Those who are attempting to hide from God are from all The world and from
every walk of life -- great and small, rich and poor.
The second visionary picture of Seal # 6 shows 2 groups of people.  The first is 144,000 from 12 tribes of Israel.
(Primarily from The Old Testament era).  The second group is a great multitude too numerous to count from every
nation, people and tribe.  These two groups,  
The whole family of God, are before The throne of God in Heaven.  

SOOO -- The visions of The 6th Seal show The 'faithful' and The 'unfaithful' at The end.
From The beginning -- God knew this would be the circumstances of The end.  

Seal 7 gives to us a very lengthy message, as it begins in Chapter 8 verse one and continues to The end of The book
of Revelation.  (Please remember that The seven sealed message from The right hand of God   is complete.   Seven
seals == complete message).  Soo -- The mesage of The 7th seal  describes; The tribulation,
(Acts of God - not
 It is the last seven years of physical earth /  mankind, -- various explanations, -- The physical end, -- 1,000
year reign of Christ, -- The final judgment (The Great  White Throne Judgment) and The results of that judgment.  

The message describes seven years of tribulation divided into two parts.  The first half is described by 7 trumpets.  

Trumpets 1 -- 4 describe physical destruction of The earth; one third of physical things are destroyed.

The message of trumpets 5 -- 6 explains spiritual destruction and
why The destruction -- mankind neither believes
nor repents, and a description of great war in which one third of mankind is killed.
Then, Trumpet 7 explains The history of spiritual war with God and His faithful believers being attached by rebellious
mankind and their leader satan that results in The enemies of God in control of physical earth.  Revelation 12  -- 13.
Then, in The continuing message of Trumpet 7,  Revelation 14: 14 - 16, is The description of The 'rapture' or taking
away of The last of The family of God.
Please note -- at The end of The seven trumpets there is no longer The physical family of God on earth.

The second half of tribulation is described as 'bowls' /  'vials' of God's wrath, (stored up anger toward rebellious
mankind), being poured out upon The earth --  Mankind.   
Bowls /  vials 1 -- 4 are primarily destruction of physical earth similar to that of trumpets 1 -- 4,  except The bowls /  
vials destroy completely.   With The completion of The bowls /  vials of wrath, The earth is no longer as we see it today.
Bowls / vials 5 -- 7 are concentrated upon all mankind and gathers mankind, with satan as their leader, to make
spiritual war against God their creator.  The results is The end of physical mankind. Revelation 19: 21.

In The continuing message of The 7th 'Seal' The final physical battle (Armageddon) is set with The 6th 'bowl' and then
The 7th is poured out with further descriptions in Rev. 16: 12 - 21.  But The conclusion of The battle does not occur
until 19: 11 - 21 as Jesus Christ returns with The armies of Heaven.  

Thus -- it is important to note that between The battle being
set and The concluding explanations is Chapters 17 & 18.

Revelation chapters 17 & 18 explains The 'Judgments' against The woman on The scarlet beast.  The woman has 5
'judgments' brought against her.  This is important to understand -- because; these 5 judgments are The basis of --
The main theme of -- The purpose of -- The message from The right hand of God.  

'Seals' 1 -- 5 gives to mankind the essence of The law for all mankind.

1 -- Every human is given a 'crown' of choice.           
2 -- Every human is a sinner.                                          
3 -- Every human is responsible for their actions.
4-- Every human will physically die.                               
  5 -- Every unfaithful human is at enmity to the faithful.

("The Law of the Heart"- everyone knows right from wrong).

The explanation of The sins (judgments) of The woman correspond with those 5 laws.

Thus -- shall all mankind be judged at The Great White Throne.

Please refer to 'The LAW OF The HEART' -- and other articles in this website.

As The 7th 'Seal' message concludes, we are given The explanations of:

*** The 1,000 year reign of Christ with The whole Family of God -- 1st resurrection.

*** satan, The beast and The false prophet cast into The lake of fire.

*** The final resurrection of all mankind to be judged.

*** The Great White Throne Judgment -- with justice carried out.

*** Explanations of The new heaven and The new earth

The above study is, as a brief outline, intended to

point out some truths and encourage more study.  

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