The  PROOF ??  of  GOD  THE  CREATOR

There are many evidences of God the creator.
The Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and all the stars give eidence that there
is a creator God.  
A person understanding the universe can measure the stars and find
their exact place on the earth, the exact time of day or night, the day
and season of the year.  These facts give very great evidence of God
the creator and His level of intelligence and abilities.

Mankind is the greatest evidence of God the creator.  A human being is
given the greatest intelligence of all creatures and is given an eternal
spirit that lives beyond physical death.  Thus, mankind is God’s highest
form of creation and great evidence of the intelligence and great ability
and power of the creator God.  

But – PROOF !! -- of GOD THE CREATOR !!  
Only you can prove God -- to only you!!  
The bible says about God -- “-- who stretches out the heavens, lays the
foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him;”   
(Zechariah 12: 1.)  
Thus, it says that God created all things including the spirit that is in
Mama and Papa made only your physical embryo, as do all animals.  As a
human being you are different from an animal.  (Made in the image of
God – spiritual).  

Only God can create a spirit and He gave you your spirit in the womb of
your mother.  
Thus, God has known you since the womb of your mother and He
speaks only to you about your relationship to Him.  This is reasonable
and sensible; God knows you, God loves you, for He created you and
you must speak to Him.  God does not allow any other person to speak
for you.  

Suppose you have a son or daughter who refuses to speak to you, but
they expect someone who lives down the street to speak to you on
their behalf – or your child only speaks to you by reading a book that
someone else wrote.  Would you accept that – or, would you like that
from your son or daughter.   Why should someone else speak for you,
when you can speak directly to God !!??  

How foolish to think that you cannot speak to God who created your
eternal spirit.  He created you and gave to you as a gift of life –
complete freedom – even to believe that He who created you does not
exist.  He never takes away your freedom.  

You must determine in your own mind -- do you believe in God or not ----
does God exist or not, -- to obey God or not – it is your choice.

Your creator God will never – never force you to come to Him.  
But, after you die physically, your spirit will be judged by your Creator ---
Whether you believed and obeyed – or not.  What you did with the life
He gave you.  

TO PROOVE the EXISTENCE OF GOD ----- ASK GOD !!!          
If you ask with a sincere heart and desire to know – He will answer you.  
Who is Jesus Christ ?? – ask Him, He will answer you.    

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