Mankind is inherently religious.

This is a simple statement, but so very profound in the history and lives of mankind.  

By the evidence of history, mankind is religious.  All peoples worship something.  It is built into us.  We desire God, or
gods, or a higher being, or a spiritual experience or a psychic phenomenon.

Mankind has a spiritual god, either the creator God, or a god, or self.

All mankind is concerned with death, life after death, their destiny, eternity or immortality. The whole reason for
religious and spiritual experience is the reality of death and the hope of immortality.   

If a person has rejected God, and all gods, they depend upon self for immortality or eternity, thus self has become God.
For that reason we say, everyone has a spiritual God.  God the creator is Spirit, satan and demons or spirits and each
human has a living spirit given to them by their creator at conception.  Therefore self can become God, even the atheist is
their own god.

Who has the power over death and immortality?

God, -- or gods, -- or self ?????????????

Humans, at one time or another, have worshipped and made images of most all of the animals, the sun, the moon, and
humans.  This has been so prevalent in history that archaeologist may find a small clay figurine of in a dig and claim it to
be a god worshiped by the people of that civilization. Possibly the figurines were worshiped, but maybe they found the
kindergarten school of that people.  It has been said that some primitive peoples made totem poles and worshiped them.  
But maybe they were sign post warning strangers to stay away.  We should not claim that everything primitive mankind
has made was their gods.  But the fact can be clearly seen, that people are naturally and inherently religious.  

Since humankind is thus preoccupied with religion and religious experience, what is the truth, what is reality, what is
fiction, and what is the true religion??

For this discussion we will place religion into three general categories:

!st----Religions that worship physical things.  

2nd----Religions that worship great individuals and their teachings.  

3rd----Religions that worship unseen spiritual beings.  

Note---All religions whether small and insignificant or of worldwide influence are founded upon some phenomenon,
unexplainable event or some great leader-teacher.  
All have a spiritual driver,---or---the power that makes / promotes its existence.

1). Worship of physical things:  

Throughout history certain peoples have worshiped the sun, or the moon, or the stars, or members of the animal
kingdom or other physical things.  They have made images of bulls, jaguars, great men, icons of Saints etc. Although the
sculptors and artist may or may not have intended to make gods, yet people have worshiped their sculpture and art as

Most modern mankind would readily agree that images, idols, icons, etc. exist as a result of wood or stone or some
physical material being shaped by some artists.  Also, most would agree that these images have no power in and of
themselves.  People today understand that the sun, is a ball of fire, that the moon is physical material reflecting the light
of the sun and all other things seen in the sky are of a similar nature.  Most would also agree that there is no magical
power or spiritual phenomenon in fireballs or planets of physical material.  But--mankind at one time or
another has worshiped all these physical things.  

Why has mankind made gods and worshiped nature and things made from nature? Why do people make things that are
physical with no power, in and of themselves, to be gods that cannot see or hear or speak or walk?  Why do living
human beings, make and worship gods that have no life in them? In fact, they are made of decaying physical matter.  Is it
just lack of education, lack of scientific knowledge or just ignorance?

No!!---people have worshipped what they could see and understand.  

Images, idols, icons, sun, moon and stars are lifeless things, not gods.  They have no power, magic or life influencing
phenomena.  But there are living beings, spirits, who use these physical things to influence mankind.  They work through
a wide range of spiritual powers to influence and manipulate mankind to worship them through these various physical
objects. Mankind may be bowing down and looking to an idol of wood or stone, but the power and phenomenon comes
from a spirit that is very much alive.  People see the idols and are tricked to worship a demon spirit.  

I have been told by several people, that it was possible to receive powers by looking into the eyes of the icons of Saints
in some churches.  Some of these people were well-educated influential persons.  Each one had experienced a
phenomenon from a particular Saint's icon in some church they had attended.  Each gave very similar testimony and
instructions.  I was told that, if I would stand directly in front of the icon and concentrate, looking intently into the eyes
of the icon, I would receive power.  With this power I could be healed of sickness, have help in time of trouble, know the
future and be helped in work, love, etc.  

Many people the world over learn and experience similar phenomenon from icons and images in churches, from idols in
various religious temples, from the sun, moon, stars, from astrology, certain games, etc.  

This is neither the lack of education nor ignorance, but people learning the powers that exist.  People learn and experience
the spirit powers, but often do not understand the source of these powers.  The source of the spiritual powers behind
the physical things that are worshipped are fallen angels or demons.  These spiritual beings were created by God the
creator as angels.  They rebelled against God, desired to be as God and to be worshipped like God.  These demons desire
to be worshiped is seen as they use their spiritual powers to deceive mankind to worship them through physical things.  
The demons have powers to heal, sometimes, to tell the future, sometimes, to manipulate people in work, love affairs
etc., sometimes.  Through these powers people are deceived to worship and to make gods of things that are not God and
to be led astray from the true God and creator of all.

Many religions and religious experiences are built, are derived from some spiritual phenomenon that is thought to be, or
perceived to be from God, when in fact the source is not God.  The source is spiritual beings, satan-demons, that are in
rebellion against God.  Because of their rebellion against God their purpose is to deceive and thus destroy God's
creation.  They have power to bring about spiritual phenomenon that is unexplainable in our physical human realm.  

Because mankind is inherently religious, and either searching for or at least open to the possibility of spiritual
phenomena, they are easily deceived.  Some people will bow down to, pray to, give money to, and expect to receive help
or consideration from an old decaying piece of wood or other material.  To others, this fact seems amazing.

Reality is, that even in the 21st century, millions still worship idols and physical things.  

2)----Worship of great individuals and their teachings:

There is also the reality that human beings worship other human beings. There have been Kings, Emperors or Pharaohs
and some of them have desired, demanded and received worship as gods from their subjects.  Other great individuals after
their death have been made to be and worshiped as gods by their followers.  

The followers of some great individuals have made idols or images, pictures or icons of them and these came into the
previous category of "worship of physical things ", but some were worshiped as great human beings and thus also in this
category.  Some of these great individuals were great conquerors or leaders of men, others were workers of miracles or
proclaimers of prophesy or future events.  Some have become great individuals with position and power.  

Throughout history mankind has worshiped or looked to great individuals placing them in the position of gods.  

As people reject the spiritual creator God and place all their hopes and eternal destiny in a human being, or a religion
built around some great person, or some fallen angel, that individual has become their god. Thus they have rejected the
creator God who is the only one who has the power or ability, to determine, their eternal destiny / life after physical

3)---Religions that worship an unseen spiritual being:

Please note:

People who worship idols or images of great individuals are in reality worshiping unseen or an unknown spiritual being.  
They are drawn to these religions and often experience beyond physical phenomena.  Many do not understand the
source, but some do. If they come to understand the spiritual source, then, they become worshipers of spiritual beings
that are not the eternal creator God.  

There are only two possibilities for religions that worship an unseen spiritual being, because -- there are only two
entities within the spiritual realm.

The first is the worship of the eternal Creator God.  


English---God;   Russian,---Bog; Chinese---Shanti; etc.

Every language has its name for the Creator God.

When we say or write " God " with a capital " G " what is meant???

God---, the creator of all physical and the creator of all spiritual except Himself. The angels,  human spirits, heaven, hell
and all other spiritual things and every physical thing was created by God. This is the teaching of the Bible and there is
no other explanation for their existence.

God---who created all things, came to earth as Jesus Christ.

God,--who called Jesus Christ His Son, because Jesus Christ had no physical father or mother (Hebrews 7:3), but came
from God.

There is one God and He is the creator,.  John 1:1-10, John Chapter 14, John 16:28, John 17:11 and 22. ,

God came to earth in the form of a man in Jesus Christ, yet as Jesus Christ was on earth, God the Father and creator was
still in heaven. God was both in heaven and on earth.  

God communicates to mankind through His Holy Spirit because God is Spirit.  

The second is the worship of fallen angels:

The second spiritual entity is satan and demons who rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven.  They are
confined to the earthly realm by God.  They retain the spiritual powers given to them as created spiritual angelic beings.  
Thus they have great power to manipulate mankind.  They have the powers to do many kind of miracles, but they are
limited within God's will and God's permissive will.  

Example,--In the book of Job, satan could not kill Job, but he caused Job's children to be killed.  satan was commanded
by God not to touch Job, but no such command was given regarding Job's children and through physical manipulation
Job's children were killed.  Job 1:12-19.

Thus in mankind’s search for immortality there is a vast realm of possible gods.  

Spiritual realm:

1). God---the creator.

2). Many demonic spirits who desire to be God and desire to be your God.  

3). Also--a person's own human spirit.  

The difference between God and gods.

God--the creator-- created all mankind.  

God loves His creation!!!!!!!!

God loves you!!!!!!!!!

God's love gives you freedom; the right to choose your own lifestyle, the right to choose your own destiny and the right
to choose your own God.  

God's love gives you the right to reject Him, Who created you.  

God's love gives you the right to believe He does not exist.

God's love protects your rights and freedom and respects your choice.  

The other spiritual choice is satan and demons.  

Those rebellious spirits do everything possible to manipulate, trick, entrap, entangle and confuse all mankind to worship
them.  With their fronts of religions, idols, psychic phenomena etc. they maliciously attempt to deceive and destroy
mankind in an eternity
without God their creator.

God guarantees your freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Satan and demons do everything possible to take away your freedom!!!!!!!!!!

There are many who follow religious and spiritual phenomena who believe that God speaks to them.  But often they are
deceived as to WHO GOD IS!!!!  satan and demons are very capable in deceiving people through spiritual phenomena,
thus, deceiving them to commit murder and all manner of terrible things in the name of God.  They believe God is
speaking to them, but their god is not God the Creator.

True religion is not:

1). An organization, organized by mankind.  

2). An organization originally organized by God, (the Church), but now operated by mankind in an ungodly manner.  

3). Becoming a member of a church.  

4). Becoming a member of any religious order.  

5). Being a good person.  

6). Living a good or honorable life as best you can.  

True religion is:

A personal submission to God and a personal relationship with God.    

Personal submission:

1). Believe and know that God is the sovereign Creator with all power and all authority.  

2). Know and believe that Jesus Christ, as the Son of God was God in the flesh Who, came to earth for the salvation of
mankind and to provide for the forgiveness of your sins.

3). Know personal sin, with true sorrow and repentance of personal sin through Jesus Christ.

4). Know and follow a lifestyle led by the Holy Spirit of God.  

Personal relationship:

Recognize that God our creator is sovereign.  Mankind relates to God on God's terms.  God is in charge, not me.  He is

God has given His Word. The Bible is clear. It is the instructions that point mankind to their Creator.  Acts, 2:38;   II
Timothy 3:16-17.

Through Jesus Christ is God's total plan for the salvation and redemption of mankind.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  
He was God in the flesh.  The Creator from the beginning,  John 1:1.  He came to show the way, to provide and to give
the gift of eternal life to His creation.

Personal relationship is:

"Pray without ceasing ".  I Thessalonians 5:17.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself."
Matthew 22: 37-39.

If you have doubts:

Ask God our creator – Dear heavenly Father, if you exist

please show me so I may understand.

If you ask sincerely – He will answer you.  

" My people perish for lack of knowledge."

                                           Hosea 4:6


"Study to show yourself approved to God,

a workman that needs not to be ashamed,

rightly dividing the word of truth.  "

                                 II Timothy 2:15