The Creator God, who created every physical thing, also created the spirit of every human
being.  In the womb of your mother God created and placed an eternal spirit that is your life.   
Without  God’s created spirit you would not be a Human being.  (Mom and Dad did not make a
spirit).  God is the spiritual father of every human being of every race, color or nationality.  
Our Creator – God is Holy / perfect in His heavenly realm.  He does not permit imperfection,
sin, nor evil rebellion onto His heaven.  Yet, He created mankind and gave to them complete
freedom, knowing that they would make mistakes, have troubles, be rebellious – be sinners.    
God loves His creation as His own children and is merciful and forgiving to those who are
obedient to His instructions that are clear and easy to obey.  

Through the teachings of Jesus Christ we are given the necessary instructions;   
“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say,  “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at
hand.”     Matthew 4: 17.   

Definition of ‘repent’ from Webster’s New World Dictionary:  
‘To feel sorry for an error, sin, etc --- to feel such regret over an action or intention as to
change one’s mind.’  
Recognizing that every human being has sinned according to God’s standard, thus the
teaching of Jesus is for everyone –  ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’         

The following is a true story:
I with a small group of friends were in Armenia at a Kurdish (Yazidi) village.  We were giving as
gifts to anyone who desired -- a New Testament and were explaining about its teachings.  We
had been there previously.  The people knew us and graciously welcomed us into one of their
houses for tea and Bible teaching.  The house was completely filled, all standing, and many
had gathered around outside the house as I through our interpreter was speaking.  
As I was speaking Ariaik (a pastor and one of our drivers) came pushing through the crowd.  
He approached me and said, that the man who was following him wanted to repent.   
Ariaik explained how the man had approached him from the crowd outside and asked for a
cigarette.  Ariaik told the man that he was a believer and did not smoke.  After some bit of
conversation the man told Ariaik that he needed to repent.  He explained to him that
repentance was not just about smoking, but much more and also believing in God and obeying
God.  Thus, with that understanding Ariaik approached me as I was speaking to the people.  
After Ariaik’s explanation I asked the man through my interpreter about his understanding of
God, then sin and then explained about prayer.  He then insisted that he was ready to repent.  
So, agreeing that Ariaik would lead him in prayer, I gave him a sample prayer as follows:
Dear Heavenly Father; I believe that you are the creator God, that Jesus Christ came and died
as payment for my sins.  I am a sinner.  Dear Lord, please forgive my sins, come into my heart,
save me from my sin and be Lord of my life.  Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer.

When I finished the explanation, I said, ‘let us pray’.  
He immediately knelt to his knees, so Ariaik, myself and my interpreter knelt with him.  
Ariaik led him in a sinners prayer for salvation that was interpreted to me.  After the prayer
while still on our knees he looked at me and I asked, ‘may I pray for you’.  He replied ‘yes’.  I
reached out my hand, he clasped my hand and I began to pray, ‘Dear Lord, if this man is
sincere, please with Your Holy Spirit come into his heart.    I said this one sentence and the
man’s hand went limp and he collapsed on the floor.  
The crowd gasped and a woman cried out (later we learned it was his mother).   I quickly
stood and said, he is OK, wait a moment, he will come too.   In just a few moments he sat up
looked at Ariaik and I – shook his head – stood and looked intently at us.  
He then turned to the crowd, who was totally silent as though in shock, and said;  
“I saw a vision.  I saw a person.  He had outstreached arms.  (He gestured with his arms).  He
was completely white – but I could not see a face --  just bright white.”  
Then he said, “These people who have come here are telling us the truth about God.”
He had seen Jesus Christ reaching out to him – receiving him.    
We then explained to the crowd gathered there how the Word of God / the Bible told that God
sent Jesus Christ – the Messiah – the Son of God (He had no human father) to teach us – to die
for us (paying the penalty for our sins), -- that by believing, repenting and asking for salvation –
we may become the children of God – born again (spiritually) and have our names written in
the ‘Book of Life’.  

After much explanation, we prayed with the whole crowd and later they took us to a
neighboring village – introduced to the people and we taught and prayed with them.  
This is NOT about a religion.  
This is about a man, who repented of his sins and found the truth of God through Jesus Christ.  
A year later his mother told us that he was working in Siberia and was very active in a church
and studying to be a teacher in his church.