The Defence
                                                                    The Defense

                                                At the Great White Throne Judgment

Every human being who has ever lived will be present at the Great White Throne Judgment.  
This judgment will take place after the death of all physical mankind, in the spiritual realm.
There will be no one present in a physical body.  This judgment will be about the things done –
the life that each person lived in the physical realm / their physical life.  

God the creator will be seated upon His throne -- Jesus Christ our advocate will be present --
all of mankind in resurrected bodies will be present -- and the books of evidence will be there.   
(Reference  Revelation 20: 11 – 15).   

The family of God, all whose names are written in the ‘Lambs Book of Life’, will be judged
innocent.  Although they were sinners, they had believed in God, called upon the name of the
Lord, repented of their sins and been saved.  Thus, they are judged innocent by the testimony
of their advocate Jesus Christ, who had paid / died for the sins of all mankind and forgiven the
sins of those who repented – writing their names in the ‘Lambs Book of Life’.    
(Reference  Romans 10: 9 – 13).  

Those of mankind, who have never heard the Word of God nor heard about Jesus Christ will be
judged guilty as sinners, as is all mankind.  They will be judged according to the ‘Law of the
Heart’ -- for it is evident that all mankind knows right from wrong.  They will be judged by God
according to His knowledge, as it is written in the books of evidence.  

All of mankind, who have
not believed in God, nor repented, nor called upon the name of the
Lord will be judged guilty.  The evidence of the sins of every individual will be declared from the
books that will be opened.  They will have no defense -- they are guilty.  Jesus Christ will
declare --  that, He never knew them.  As being declared guilty -- sentence will be promptly
carried out.  They will be separated from God, in whom they did
not believe, and cast into the
lake of fire. Judgment will be swift and final.  


Believe in God your creator and His plan for the redemption of sinful
mankind --  through Jesus Christ.  Confessing your sins -- asking for
salvation through Jesus Christ.  

Dear heavenly Father, I believe that you are God my creator.  I believe that you sent Jesus
Christ, to die for my sins – that Jesus arose from the dead and is alive today.  I know that I have
sinned.  I am a sinner.  Dear Lord Jesus please forgive my sin’s, come into my heart and save
me.  Please be Lord of my life.    Thank You  -- amen.

Please study the Bible – the Word of God.