In the past 70+ years there have been many preachers / teachers who earnestly
studied and sought the correct interpretation of Biblical prophecy.  Their intent
was to direct people to a  saving knowledge / relationship with Jesus Christ.  Their
intent was right and noble, but too many times their interpretation was incorrect.  

I (this writer) did the same.  

On May 3, 1986, after many years of study my Lord / Jesus Christ instructed me to
Study Revelation.  I did so and it changed much of my understanding of prophesy.  

Some of the problems are :::     
The nation of Israel established in 1948 --- taught that Jesus would return in 40 yea rs.
Soo – it did not happen // now 70 years have passed, Jesus has not returned and the
Same wars and rumors of wars continue the same.

Middle East oil crisis was taught as being an indication of the end time tribulation.  
But in 2019 an oil crisis is no longer so big a problem.

The Soviet Union – it was taught as being an emanant threat to Israel / the Jews.  
In 2019 – no more Soviet Union – but Russia continues to be an aggressor
in the Middle East – but primarily to sell military equipment.  Russia is not an ally with
the Muslim world.  

It was taught that the European Union, with Rome as its capital, would become the
10 kings / the world power through which the anti-christ (666) would rule the world.  
The European Union now has 30 nations.  ‘666’ does not point out one person whose
name numerically adds up to six hundred sixty six – was not good interpretation.

The 4 blood moons were explained to be signs in the heavens that signified the
Beginning of the tribulation, the establishment of the anti-christ, etc.  
Well --- they came and went and all remains the same, except a few people sold
A lot of books.  
The 4 blood moons were a natural phenomenon as are other natural events.  
These natural phenomenon should reassure us that God is in control, His time table
Is on course and in / at His decision the end time will come.  But it is obvious that
these Signs did not start the end time – 7 year clock.  

Many other things could be mentioned, such as nuclear war, 200 million man Chinese
Army, etc.  Some of these things may / could happen, but there is only one thing and
fromThe Bible that will determine the beginning of the end / the 7 year tribulation.  

This is explained in Revelation 7: 1 – 8: 6.
Rev. 7: 3 sums up the 1st 3 verses as it says, ‘ do not harm ----------- till we have
sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads’.  

Then follows the statement, ‘And I heard the number of those who were sealed.  One
hundred and forty – four thousand  of all the tribes of ----- Israel were sealed’.  Then
is enumeratedthose called Israel – 12,000 from each tribe.  In 7: 9 the second group is
described as being,
‘A great multitude which no one could number from all nations ---------- ‘.  

Sooo --- those sealed are the complete Family of God and are divided into two groups.  
The 1st group – the 144,000 are from the old testament era.  The 144,000 is not a
literal number, but refers to many out of a larger group.  They were sealed during the
temple era as spoken of in Rev. 11: 1.  

The 2nd group is too numerous to count and comes from the New Testament era as
they have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb / Jesus.  They are from all
nations – thus the Jews who come to belief in Jesus Christ during the NT era will be
among them.  

Then in chapter 8 verses 1 thru 6 is explained very clearly that when the time comes
(time that only God can know) that all persons have made their decision whether or
not to believe and obey their Creator (the prayers all the saints have ascended before
the Throne of God) – only then does the tribulation begin as stated in verse 7 &

Although we have diligently studied and taught Bible prophecy, we have often made
Mistakes as we sometimes applied current events and sometimes just did not have
Clear understanding.  
Now – realizing that the things listed above and some other events that were taught
Simply did not prove to be correct.  Time and circumstances have shown our mis-
Understandings. (Some have brought mis-understanding and even ridicule from the
World around us).  

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