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Our conviction and purpose is to be obedient to the call

of our Lord Jesus Christ and to take His gospel

message of salvation and God's love to all people

of every nation, language and tribe.

There is only one GOD who is the Creator of all.

Therefore His message is to every person, of

every race, of every religion and of every persuasion.

Below you will find a series of audio tapes.

They are based on instructions from the Bible.

They will help you to know God your Creator

and to secure your eternal destiny in Christ.

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Outline to the above audio tapes.

I.  God the creator of all physical.

A. God is the author.
B. Genesis is correct.

II.  Who Jesus Christ was - is.

A. Jesus was God in the flesh
1. Emanuel.
2. Son of God.
B. Jesus is our teacher.
C. Jesus is the resurrected Lord.

III. Jesus' teachings on salvation. ( John 3 ).

A. You must be born again.
B. You must come to the Light.

IV.  Jesus' deciples teaching on salvation. ( Acts 2 ).

A. Day of Pentecost.
B. Coming of Holy Spirit.

V. Fuller explanation of salvation. ( Romans ).

A. All have sinned.
B. Believe and confess.
C. All who call on Jesus' name will be saved.

VI.  Conclusion & sinners prayer for salvation.

A. "Lamb's Book of Life ".
B. Example - prayer for salvation.