Opportunities for Mission Work in Cambodia  

Cambodia is probably the most open and free of the 5 nations of South East Asia.  
Churches, Christians and missions are doing well. This does not mean we may relax, but
indeed it means that we have great opportunities to participate in the harvest of those who
will ‘call upon the name of our Lord and Savior.’  I am told that there are 14,000 small towns
in Cambodia and that there are 4,000 churches.  That means there is a lot of work to be
done. Please consider joining in this wonderful project.  


*** Used lap-top computers – to carry complete Bible teachings and Bible in Cambodian.

*** Please - $200.00 / lap-top for interpretation of studies and to get them to the field.

*** Greatly needed – your prayers – as this project is far beyond our abilities.  

Please note;   All $$s will be used as efficiently as possible and totally for this project or as
you designate.

Please send in care of

AND / OR  

Specific Mission International Inc.
Don English