Please allow me to share with you some mission needs in Laos.  

We visited Laos this past – Oct. 20 – Oct. 27.  We learned a lot –

revisited some Christians that we have known before and met others

for whom we have much respect.  They live every day in difficulty,

because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  There are very few churches in Laos

and they are very small.  We shared with the Christians there our plan for

mission outreach.  Our plan was received VERY well.

Dr. Ted Lindwall and myself, Don English have combined our writings and

mission efforts as effective tools for outreach in places such as Laos.  

(You may reference Dr. Ted at www.southernbaptistmissionsnetwork.org

and www.churchstarts.com  and Don English at www.spmint.com.

Our mission outreach plan for Laos --- :

Our writings include select Bible studies.  Studies on the parables of Jesus,

guide to saving faith in Christ Jesus, example of a sinners prayer, study on

baptism, discipleship, instructions in group studies, church development and  

church outreach, etc. These Bible studies are taken from Genesis 1 – Rev. 22.

These studies are designed for people and places where there are no pastors,

no teachers, no churches.  It is self study for those who have never heard and

have no opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For Laos - these writings will be interpreted into Laotian and placed along side

English into used laptop computers.  The computers will be distributed to Lao

persons who are interested or curious about the Bible – there are MANY.  The

Laotian pastors and leaders who are our good friends will find and distribute

the computers to these interested persons.    

In Laos – 1) there are 100s of towns and cities that have no church; 2)

there are no pastors available, no teachers, no church leaders; 3)

there is strong persecution of Christians from their communist government

and the vast majority buddhist religion.  

The three conditions stated above make it necessary for such a mission

outreach as we are proposing and will fulfill.  

There is now in place:

The verified need and plan to fill that need.

Translators are available.  

The Christians in Laos to find the persons and deliver the studies.

A website and monitors to answer questions and offer instructions in Laotian.

Needs to accomplish this witness in Laos:

** Used laptop computers --- (You have upgraded, do not need the old one).

** Or other electric devise – I-pad etc. that can do the same job as computer.

** $ 200.00 per devise – to clean out the computer, install studies & the Bible
and deliver them to remote areas.

If you have a computer or other devise -- but no $$s, please send computer.
We will find others with the means.

Please pray and help, as our Lord leads you in this very worthy outreach.

We are starting this same outreach in several other countries and languages.
Please inquire and share with us your convictions.

Please send computers etc. to:

Homprakhoon Baptist Church
3721 S. Ledbetter
Dallas, Texas   75236

John Homechanh ,  pastor  
Phaisane Somsith,  associate pastor

OR TO:  

Specific Mission International Inc.
3117 Silverton Dr.
Dallas, Texas  75229

Please contact us for any question or for references:

Don English

May God bless you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   dle  

Specific Mission International, Inc