Opportunities for Philippine Harvest  

The ‘Harvest is Ripe’ in the Philippines.  In the area we are working there are
numerous needs / opportunities.  There is a very good foundation of churches, well
educated and effective pastors, who have prepared a ‘field ripe unto harvest.’  Many
speak English and are warm and friendly, yet there are MANY towns that do not have
an evangelical church.  In the area where we are working there are over 100 towns
that need a witness / a church.  Also in the Middle Islands (Visayan) there is a much
greater need for the Word of God.  The Philippine pastors, indeed have a vision of
outreach to the unreached of their nation.
Please join us in this worthy task.  

Needs / opportunities for Philippine Mission:

*** Used / working lap-top computers.

*** Please if possible -- $200.00 / computer – to get it to the field.

*** Volunteer English (ESL) teachers to teach Bible stories in public schools.  
   (A great need and evangelistic opportunity).

*** Over-head projectors for Power Point teaching aid for schools.  

*** Most of all – your PRAYERS.  

Please contact for more information:

Don English