Mission Opportunities In Thailand  

The nation of Thailand is large and populous.  With approximately 67 million
people of which app. 94.6% are buddist with 4.6 islam and 0.7 % christian.  There
are numerous churches that hold the respect of many of the people as well as
governmental authorities.  
Thailand has experienced much mission work. The Christians are well educated
and for the most part are prosperous and self supporting.  Because of the well
established churches, we believe that Thailand is fertile ground for the Gospel
of Our God and Creator.  

The plan for Thailand is to complete the translation of our Bible studies (already
started), then make them available to church pastors and church leaders to
distribute among the people in places where there are no churches.  We will
have used laptops with our studies in them to be given to persons who have
limited means.  The studies will also be made available, free of charge to
persons who have computers or cell phones and also in printed form.  There will
be monitors on the web to receive and answer questions in Thai.

With these Bible studies that are designed for self-study made freely and readily
available, using all our modern technology, the Gospel can flourish in places
where it has not been heard before.  The Word of God and Creator of all will bare
its fruit as it is sown among the peoples of Thailand.  

Needs for Mission Thailand:

*** Used lap-top computers in working order.

*** Please – if possible -- $200.00 per computer. !00% will go to this project.

***  Volunteer english teachers (ESL) no teaching certificate needed.

*** English (ESL) teaches with teaching certificate – salary available.  

For additional information contact:

Don English