A mission opportunity to the nation of Vietnam

There is presently an opportunity to be a positive help to Christians and

churches in Vietnam.  The churches there are alive, loving and making a

difference among their people as they demonstrate Christ’s love for all

peoples. Their churches are small, but numerous and with limited resources.   

With increasing openness, having gained respect among their countrymen

the Church in Vietnam is uniquely ready to reach out with the love of God

and the message of Jesus Christ through the Word of God – the Bible.  

Our Vietnamese co-worker is coordinating vital teachings, Bible studies and

encouragement to the churches and church leaders in Vietnam.  In corporation  

with Vietnam Pastors, Dr. Ted Lindwall has been sharing his ‘Church Starts International’

material with Vietnamese church leaders for some time now.  This is being very

fruitful as can be seen in the letter below from Vietnam.

Ministry Report Jan, Feb, Mar and April 2012 in Hanoi
Dear Pastors, Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings to Pastors, Brothers and Sisters in the love of Jesus Christ,
We’d like to express our gratefulness to you for your love, prayers and support of our
present ministry in Hanoi. Your help is very precious and needed for our continued
effective ministry. We would like to share with you about our ministry in North Vietnam
in January, February, March and April 2012.
Praise the Lord, by HIS GRACE and your prayers, our team:
- Witnessed to hundreds of people, 73 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord
and Savior, baptized 28 people.
- Held monthly training for 25 potential local leaders from different provinces of
Northern Vietnam in 3 days in Hanoi.
- Held weekly train for 10 key teachers who will do ministry for children.
- Trained for 12 key leaders every week to be church planters.
- Continued to follow up and train for house churches and cell groups in Hanoi, Hai
Duong, Hoa Binh, Bac Can, Bac Giang, Nghe An.
- Planted a new church in Hanoi, opened a new cell group in Nghe An, one in Son
La, one in HN.
- Contacted many believers who returned from Malaysia. Visited and witnessed to
their families and did additional follow-up.
- Distributed a lot of Bibles, tracts, CDs, and DVDs to many churches and cell
groups in North of Vietnam.
- Found jobs and gave job referrals to believers.
- Help some livelihood projects for poor believers.
- Help some Christians build 3 toilets in Hoa Binh and 1 toilet in Bac Can.
- Help a new believer in Bac Can to release drug at the center in Thai Binh.
• Testimony:
In Nghe An, there is a girl named is Th, she went to work in Malaysia and
received Jesus into her heart as Lord and Savior in 2010. God has changed her life
amazingly. She has grown in her faith and to be eager to share her faith with
everyone, especially for her family. She wrote a letter to tell her parents how she
become Christian and how God has changed her life. She asked us to bring this
letter to her family in Vietnam and took advance to witness for her family. We
went to visit her family in Nghe An and had an good opportunity to witness for all
members of her family. Praise the Lord! All six members in her family accepted
Jesus into their hearts. They love God and long to learn God’s word. They are
eager to witness for their neighbors and relatives, after 2 months, 13 people
accepted Jesus into their hearts through their testimony. They started cell group
and study Bible every week. They have been faced with persecution recently by
the local goverment. They were threatened and interviewd many times, yet they
still stand firm in their faith and continue to lead the group and witness to others.
Please continue to pray for T’s family so that God protects them and continue to
use them do great things for HIS kingdom.
• Prayer requests. Please pray for:
- Follow up new believers stand firm and grow in their faith.
- Plan to baptize for over 30 believers in May.
- Our monthly meetings in Hanoi, which serve to gather, make discipleship and
train local leaders.
- The mission funds help transportation and meals for leaders from other areas
come to Hanoi for monthly training, help part time and full time minister, the
funds help believers in needs,
- Our vision and stratergy to reach out and plant churches in each province, district
and village of Vietnam.
- God’s intervention for house churches and cell groups in the countryside that are
facing persecution, especially in Hoa Binh, Hai Duong, Bac Can and Nghe An.
- House churches and cell groups in the countryside to have granted permission for
prayer meetings and Bible study.
Please continue to pray for us. We know that we can do nothing without God’s help
which come from your prayers and support.
May God be glorified by our joined effort to reach out to the Vietnamese while the
opportunity is still
open. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.
In His service,

Don English, Specific Mission International, www.spmint.com has teamed up with

Vietnamese national leader and Dr. Ted Lindwall to further assist the churches in Vietnam.  

We have joined our writings and Bible studies, to offer a complete as possible Bible study.  

The studies begin with Dr. Ted’s studies that have been proven in Vietnam as seen above.

Then continues through an intensive Bible study designed as self-study for persons who

have not heard the Gospel and where no pastor or church exists.

Our plan includes used laptop computers that will be cleaned out and place in the them

only the Bible study material.  The computers will then be given to Vietnamese pastors

who will in turn give them as a gift to persons in a neighboring town where there is no

church, pastor or Christian teacher.

All the elements are here to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Vietnam.

The needs for this project:

*** Used laptop computers --- in working condition.

*** If possible -- $200.00 or $?? with each to facilitate getting them to the field.

*** Most of all – your prayers.  

You may contact us at:

Dr. Ted Lindwall at  tedlindwall@churchstarts.com

Don English at:

May God bless you all !!!!!!!!!!! dle

Don English